Monday, May 23, 2005

(*) Socks you can imagine

Hiya Paige! Have a smiley day!
(NB. I got rid of a 'smiley frog' gif from here - it seemed to slow my blog down to a crawl for some reason!)

The cutest and best post in a blog I've seen for a while:

Does life get any Better...?
My youngest child crawled onto my lap this evening, curled up and said:
"Ahhh...this is this bestest spot in the whole world.."
It really is the little things that make it all worthwhile. I am incredibly blessed!

Thanx Alice!

Life is soooo exciting... one of the ladies packing pulms with me also sells socks... I bought myself 4 pairs of the warmest, fluffiest, most comfortable socks you can imagine - for just $2 a pair! Whoo hoo! Well, it is getting a bit cooler nowdays... we had a -2 last night ... that's right - MINUS TWO!!!

I'm picking up the remaining things from mum's unit on Wednesday. Out of mum's remaining cash for things like this (before the 'estate' is settled etc), I'll be hiring a ute and doing probably two trips to Springwood and back. My brother is painting the place, just to freshen it up a bit so it can be sold. I've already picked up 2 TV's and a video, and a few small bits of furniture - whatever I've been able to fit into my little car! Wednesday will see a fridge/freezer, washing maching, microwave, 2 lounges, 2 cabinets, a bookcase, and a folding table with some outdoors chairs take temporary residence in my garage - which I need to make some space in for this stuff tomorrow - mental note!

I had a sleepless night last night, so I spent some time surfing and looking for silly pics to add to the Message Board. Check out some pretty funny pics here.

Well, just a quick one tonight.

Mallard d'Quackers


Blogger Alice said...

Ooooh, a new look for your page! I liked the frog - gross in a cute sort of a way. But then again, trawling into the dim recesses of my memory, I seem to recall the definition for cute being 'ugly, but interesting'. Probably applies...

Thanks for dropping by my page - you are always a welcome visitor!

It's great to hear you doing so well. Enjoy!

May 26, 2005 7:56 pm  

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