Monday, May 16, 2005

(*) Simple timepiece

The boys and I spent the most time together we've had for a while - 4 hours! Yeah, I know - it sux, but I take what I can get. Anyhow, Alex took some pics of the start of the NSW State Rally in the middle of town (they were in the last post, I think...), then we spent a while at the local Fire Station which held an Open Day display. Free lunch and lun with fire hoses and fire extinguishers and large red trucks... a little boys' heaven! Later on we spent a while at another Open Day at a new large local Pet Store, which highlighted a large Jumping Castle - which kept Seb & Ix exhausted for a bit! JD and I went for a bit of a wander thru the store together - we always can just hang out, no problem. I didn't have to worry about leaving the other 2 'alone', as such - the teenage girl facilitating the jumping castle knew them well from their school bus, and there were two other families from their school on the ride at the same time! Ahhh, the joys of living in a country town - everyone knows everyone (well, almost...!) All round I drove 120km's - but I just didn't mind at all! The boys are loving their new place - so I'm very relaxed and excited about it all for them - whoo hoo.

I lashed out and bought myself a new watch the other week... I spent an absolute fortune on it... 250! Yes - 250! CENTS! Yes, it's only a $2.50 special at Go-Lo, but it'll do as a simple timepiece. It was cheaper than spening $10+ on a new wrist strap for my normal watch! What a tightass I am sometimes... well, when you're literally survivng on a pile of coins some weeks... hahahaa.

The mediation with the boy's mum the other week went quite well... she admitted a few things, and acknowledged that some of her attitudes are quite unreasonable - but she's not gonna change them all the same. That's fine - I'm not banging my head against a brick wall anymore - it was causing the brickwork to get all flaky and break apart and leave a mess on the carpet, you know... D'oh! In other words, she just doesn't have the same effect to emotionally entangle me in her shite anymore - and it's a lovely feeling to be free of that. It's only taken 4 years! The boys are fine, we can always talk about the boys (under her version of reality), so I'm happy. I'm still sitting on an 8 out of 10 - 4-or-so days in a row... it must be a new record! lol. Mind you, deep down I must have felt disturbed by the whole process... a few nights' later I had the most bizarre dream - I was going to the toilet and I was totally covered in poo! That is like my "Room 101" - I hate poo! ARGH! So, maybe deep-down, I still feel like $#it about it all? Who knows... but it's not affecting me as much as it used to.

I've been using SMSPup for about 2 years or something - it's just that I keep forgetting to use it! For Aussie users, you can send free SMS text messages to a mobile phone for free from your computer... and the last time I checked, I had 80 call credits! Ack! I'd better start using them, eh?!

Here's a quickie - Zinnia caused me to think of doing this... what have you found to be a good hangover cure? I've found, apart from staying drunk (not always a practical solution! lol), something hot and greasy the next morning works a treat for me - bacon and eggs! I have no idea why, either! What things have you found to work for you?

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Blogger Alice said...

I am with you on the bacon & eggs and probably some sausages as well if there were some going!'s been a while though!

May 16, 2005 9:08 pm  
Blogger broomhilda said...

Sounds like you and the boys had a great time! I'm glad to hear that the mediation is going well, so far.

My tried and true hangover cure is, sausage and eggs along with wheat toast, hash-browned potatoes and coffee.
I usually stop for breakfast on the way home, then I wake up feeling fine and don't need to cook.

May 17, 2005 12:21 am  
Blogger caroline said...

I found that if i take 2 aspirins before i go to bed i wake up fine. Some toast in the morning helps also.

May 17, 2005 1:22 pm  

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