Tuesday, May 17, 2005

(*) Zinnia Interviews Mallard!

Here's a change from the usual 'meme' - Interview a fellow blogger by asking them five questions about themselves, and let them post their interview answers on their blog. Thanx Zinnia for the concept.

Zinnia: I was happy to interview you because I read your blog regularly so it didn't take too long to think of questions I would like to ask. Anyway, here are your questions:

(Mallard: NB. I found this a whole lot harder than I imagined it would be to do this! But I gave it a go, all the same.)

1. Children can be very creative with language as they learn it. When your boys were younger, did they 'invent' any words or phrases that you still use?

When Seb was born, JD was 3 1/2... he couldn't pronounce his brother's name, but introduced him proudly to people as "Basil-teen" - very cute! One that immediately jumped into mind when you asked the question was one we still use... "Crackle" = fart/flatulence - it must be a 'boy' thing! hahahaa. Also 'doing a poo' is an "uggie" - I have no idea why, but they still say that occasionally! hahahaa. Even now, JD is sometimes called "Mr Boy" (which makes him almost cringe nowdays!), Seb is "Mr Boo", and Ix is "Ix-ah"... When Ix tries to get cute with me, he still calls me "Dee-dee"... sometimes it works... lol. A lot of phrases and words they use are adapted and corrupted from things they've heard on videos etc... like stuff from Shrek, "That'll do, donkey. That'll do." They love to sing, and make up words as they go along, especially in the car... eg. making up the words to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" like, "In the jungle, the dirty jungle, the lion sweeps tonight..." hahahaa.

2. Aside from being a father, what personal achievement in your life have you been most proud of?

The first would be my original marriage - I never thought someone would love me unconditionally, as I have a rather sordid past that still affects and haunts my present and future in many ways. To know love, be loved and be able to love was an amazing experience I do not regret for one instant. The second (and more worldly) would be finishing my 3-year Diploma of Theology, majoring in Evangelism, back in 1996... at the time 'christianity' and 'church' were a major part of my life, but nowdays only the philosophical/sociological side of it all has any personal relevance to me. It's an achievement because I never finished my schooling, so 10 years after leaving school it was a high point for me in a way.

3. If you could do whatever you liked to earn a living, what would be your ideal job?

Working alongside young people with reading and learning difficulties. Because of my past - this is impossible. But, I can still help illiterate adults learn, and I love to help people live their life more effectively, so that would be ideal in a way as well. If I could do something like that, be near my boys - but live on the Greek island of Hydra at the same time - THAT would be sweet! But that aint gonna happen anytime soon! lol. But - it's sure nice to dream.

4. Which was the best birthday you've had so far in your life, and why was it so good?

Hmmm... hard question to answer... for some reason, I find it personally very hard to celebrate birthdays and special days like Xmas etc. I know it's crazy - I make the effort for the boys, of course! I don't know why it's like that for me... my best birthday would have to have been as a kid aged about 10, at a scout hall, with lots of kids and loud kid's music and lots of food and running about with boisterous games... and memories of my long-dead Nan in there somewhere as well. I don't know why that one sticks out for me. Scout halls still smell exactly the same, you know?! lol. Apart from that, it'd be my 30th birthday - plus my wife turned 23 and my son turned one all within a fortnite of each-other, and we had a heap of close, special friends get together at a small local cafe we had all to ourselves for an evening. JD didn't know what to do with his first piece of chocolate cake - so it went everywhere EXCEPT his mouth! Very cute! It was great just to hang out with some old friends and just 'be' - so many of those people have moved on over the past four years as well... oh well... no-one can take your memories away from you, and I treasure them.

5. Do you eat duck?

No way - that'd be cannibalism.. but being divorced, in lots of ways I have to eat my pride... does that count?!? But I don't eat duck mainly because - I can't usually afford to! hahahaa. A good question tho - thanx for making me smile along the way!

Thanx so much to Zinnia at 'Real E Fun' - http://realefun.blogspot.com


Blogger Alice said...

Hey Mal,
I enjoyed readng your answers! I can relate to all scouts halls smelling the same...why is that?

Keep following your dreams & passions - you never know where it will take you!

May 18, 2005 8:01 pm  
Blogger broomhilda said...

Just follow your bliss Mal.

May 19, 2005 12:26 am  
Blogger Monica said...

What a cool idea Mal. It was fun learing more about you. I could never think up good interview questions for anyone though. Hope your doing well!

May 19, 2005 10:28 pm  

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