Friday, January 21, 2005

(*) A nice touch

Quiet few days here. Good quick loud thunderstorm this arvo - that's about it! Yesterday arvo I thought it sounded like the neighbour had left their radio on loudly... I went out to see what it was, and it was just the sound from the PA from the Trots at the Showground about 750 meters away! It was so still, the sound just carried on the air. At evenings I can still hear the 'Winchester chimes' of the bell tower every 15 minutes pretty clearly from here - a nice touch in this lovely town.

Spoke with JD last night... the boys were about to go on an evening bike ride - sounded lovely. Splashing off thru the mud... then straight into a bath, I'm sure! lol

Going to visit my mum in Springwood - Blue Mountains on Saturday. First time I've felt confident enough to take my little car for a long drive up to the mountains and back. (Normally I go with my brother or via bus/train). It should go fine tho. Fingers' crossed mum will be OK on the day... she still has her good and not-so-good days. Still very very weak, lethargic, and lost most of her appetite. She's a skinny as a rake, which is still alarming, I find.

My brother rang this arvo to brag a bit, I guess... he and his wife have been asked to housesit our Uncle and Aunts' place for a few weeks in September - in Cairns! Argh! Well - good luck to them, I say. That's the grandparents of my 2nd cousin I told you about, S.

I've enjoyed reading thru my blog lately... gees, I've written a whole range of different stuff, haven't I? I've liked these last three tho... I know there's a lot there to be read, but that's fine by me.

Raven in Brisbane celebrated her birthday yesterday and today. She got a surprose when she'd just walked in the door from Air League and I was on the phone wisher her a happy day!

Then tonight, three of the remaining loopeys got on IM together for a good ol' chat for about 90 minutes... it was like catching up on old times... we don't get the chance so often nowdays for all of us to be online together all at the same time, so we have to 'make a date' to do it! hahahaa.



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