Monday, January 10, 2005

(*) Mine was a beauty

Hiya Blog Paige! How was your weekend? Mine was a beauty - thank gawd for that! I needed a good weekend - I thought I was losing the plot a little bit there, methinks. Now, if only I could get my typing back upto scratch again - you should read all the typos before I edit these posts nowdays... terrible! Tisk tusk tisk!

I took the boys bowling today (Sunday), and then we spent about an hour playing all the 'arcade' games together... what the heck, we rarely get to do that, so we all raced each other on bikes and cars and air hockey - stuff like that. Yes... it was fun... for the BOYS' sake, you understand... (wink wink!) Bowling was a treat (as always) - Ix (my youngest) won with a mega-score of 98... I won't tell you who came last... even tho he WASN'T using the gutter-stoppers...! D'oh! hahahaa.

Then we went for a drive around "The Mount". We ended up walking upto the big white letters on the side of the Mount that you can see from miles and miles away... the view is awesome from up there. I'd never been to that particular spot either, and I was amazed to see the amount of white quartz rocks they'd used to spell out the huge white letters. We goofed about on a giant "P" and a giant "M"!!! Of course, we did a lap of the track... for the boys, of course... lol. Josh was too busy being the amateur photographer with my camera to talk too much... trying to take photos of the new Pitt complex and signs along the track - from out of the car or thru the windscreen - pretty cute, hey?

Guide to the Circuit
Map of the Circuit
By the way - it's a public road, complete with a 60km/h speed limit, totally open for anyone to drive on at anytime - except when a race is on, obviously!

Finally we ended up at one of the local railway bridges (now, come on... what boy can't resist a railway track?) Josh took a few more piccies, and this great one of one of the old local churches, "St Barnabas" (build late in the 1800's). St Barney went on to be better known in history as marrying Betty and being the neighbours of Fred and Wilma... is that right...?

The weather was great all day, and we all got a sweat up just goofing around together. Love it - it recharges the batteries in my innermost soul, you know. It really does. I just adore being with my boys so much. It's still very emotionally exhausting for me - today I unusually found it exceptionally hard emotionally, but I always manage to keep a smiley face all the same. I just wanna hug them and not let them go, you know...? But I can't do that, so I keep it really positive, and they love that.

After they started off home, I turned the idiot box on to watch a bit of the ODI cricket... saw a wicket fall immediately (laffs)... then as I flicked across the 5 TV chanels we get here (same ones as Sydney, basically, just rural versions of them) the ABC was playing Midnight Oil's great Goat Island gig from 1985! A truely great gig by the Oils in fine form, on one of the islands in the middle of Sydney Harbour, with the Bridge as a backdrop... very memorable! I remembered when it happened... but it came as a bit of a shock to realise that it was TWENTY years ago
already! ARGH!!! hahahaa!
On a lesser note, the throttle and high-revving of my little car is alright now... doing a lap around The Mount always seems to do something special for a car, somehow! Yes, tis a mystery...

Week 101
I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Pistol:: Packing Momma
  2. Rick:: Shaw
  3. Full circle:: I have come
  4. I wish:: I was a fish
  5. Frame:: Not Guilty
  6. Adult:: supposedly mature
  7. Photography:: second of history
  8. Stew:: brown chuncks of floating meat
  9. Cheat:: sheet
  10. Brad:: and Janet

Mallard d'Quackers


Blogger Deirdre said...

You must have a lucky charm as far as the cricket is concerned. Wickets only fall when I'm not watching. I once went to a One-day match in Brisbane and (not joking) every time I went out the back to get a drink or something, someone got out. It was unbelievable. I think the team fielding should have hired me to disappear.

Glad you had a good day with the boys. That's important.

January 10, 2005 11:21 pm  

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