Tuesday, January 18, 2005

(*) Colour is awesome

happy I knew this would be a long post - enjoy! I am in a devistatingly positive mood... even 'M' couldn't stuff things up for me at the moment! Whoo hoo! lol

I had a very surreal experience yesterday at Coles, doing some grocery shopping... the girl at the checkout next to me was the splitting image of this girl I've nicknamed 'Paige'! I'm not kidding - it was Twilight Zone time! This lady was a 20-yo version of this same girl! I couldn't help but stare! It was freakish - I thought my brain was seriously playing tricks on me, but she was practically the mature double of Paige! Argh - if only I was 20 years' younger! She was gorgeous - lip-bitingly-so!!! lol

I went for a late afternoon 'country drive' yesterday afternoon, out to Blayney and Carcoar - about 45-minutes west of here. The car is running like a dream - I was totally spontaneous after I put just a few bucks of fuel into the petrol tank (at 88.5 cents/litre), and just started heading west into a slowly setting sun. I had often driven past Carcoar Dam on my way to Cowra or Canberra or Tumut etc, but had never actually dropped in. So - what they heck. There's a giant Wind Farm right on the shores of the nearly-dry lake.
It was pretty cool stopping right beside the dam wall with about a dozen of these great things going "whoopf... whoopf... whoopf..." above my head in the stillness of the evening air. The water levels at the dam are so low that the local Sailing Club's boathouse is about 150-200 feet from the edge of the water at the moment - looks ridiculous!!! There's about enough water in there to take a kayak out for a paddle, let alone anything else! There's about a 70-100 foot drop to the water from the spillway level of the dam - that's how dry it's been out here for the past few years! Really bad! A few years' ago I was almost desperate for a sail, but after seeing this place, there's no way! Luckily the dam that provides our water supply is over 85% full, but sailing's not so good there either... so, that makes it pretty hard. Not to worry. Just a thought. So - guess who forget to take his camera with him, eh? D'oh! Like I said - it was just a spur-of-the-moment spontaneous thing. I'm so lucky to be able to do crazy things like this at my age, I guess.
I ended up driving 120km, which just was a slow cruise really... I'm no speed demon (not much of a chance in a little darling like this, is there?!? lol), but I just puttered along enjoying the scenery. I hadn't been out that way for a few years... having a car of my own is still a bit of a spin at times! hahahaa. I ended up going thru Blayney, out to Carcoar (a really pretty hamlet complete with 19th century dwellings), then back thru Carcoar Dam, Barry and back - a lovely drive. Just slipping along deserted country roads with the sunset filling my mirrors - beautiful.

Driving quietly along between Barry and Wimbledon (no - not a tennis court in sight at this Wimbledon!), a bloody great big rabbit was just sitting in the middle of this long straight stretch of deserted road. I slowed dow - i didn't fancy getting the car messy (!) - but instead of pounding off into the scrub beside the road, he went running wildly down the road in front of me! He's swerve left then right the straight, running for his dear life, as I puttered along at like 15km/h behind him, laughing the whole time! I kept expecting him to run off the road but - no!
For about a minute, this rabbit just kept running down the centre of this deserted country road in front of me - and I was pissing myself laughing at the sight! He wasn't hopping - this was a sprint for the poor thing... and I was going as slowly as i could for it too. Just as well there was no other traffic out there at the time. The there was a gate on the left and - zoom - he was gone thru it! Silly thing! It was the loopiest sight, this rabbit running like a wild thing weaving down the centre of this road!

Luckily, I didn't see one single roo (kangaroo) in the dusk... roos are particularly bad at the moment, especially at dusk when they move to their resting areas for the night... they are quite active at this time, and one reason I was driving slowly was so that I wouldn't run into one! Roos get hit often, yet there's nothing you can do about it. For people reading this who have never experienced what roos can do to a drought affected region, they are a pest and are regularly 'culled' (systematically killed-off), and to hit one of them driving along a country road can not only write-off your car, you could even get splattered yourself!

Thoon sends his aquatic greetings... he's going from strength-to-strength... the steroids must be kicking-in at last... he's a norty little bugger... he keeps digging out the gravel around the base of the dinosaur, and I often find it floating on the surface after about at week! It's become a game to him... bugger! lol

Here's an amazing picture someone sent me... the colour is awesome. (Click to see full-sized pic open in a new window).

Raven's celebrating a birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Ms Raven Cravin' Ringo! It's been over three years - that's a lot of time to be crazy, hey?

Weebl and bob have a new cartoon as well - enjoy!

Here's some highly-detailed pictures of my latest Nudist Swingers Volleyball Party...

Week 102
I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Yoda:: digitally delivered kicker-of-butt!
2. Mensa:: only for those not stoopid enuff to understand
3. Pink:: Ms Pink from Melbourne
4. Text message:: a few laffs along life's slow journey
5. Galactic:: Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters
6. Chicks:: Chicken Man
7. Quesadilla:: Mexican yummies
8. Backpack:: Ireland
9. Socked:: Glove puppets - yaaah!
10. Compromise:: sorry... what...?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Name your favorite...

1. Family Game - Monopoly
2. Piece of Jewelry - ring of three bands of gold as a necklace - each colour represents one of my sons
3. Winter Activity - reading by a nice open fire
4. Hot Beverage - tea
5. Quote - "You're not as old as you feel... except first thing in the morning doesn't count, right...?"
6. Color on You - blue
7. Summer Activity - sailing
8. Topping on Pancakes - ice cream and jam
9. Musician - The Beatles or John Entwistle - bassist for The Who.
Mallard d'Quackers


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