Friday, January 07, 2005

(*) Edward jealous

Greetings, Blog Paige. Hope this entry finds you well, happy and healthy in your little space in the indivisibility invisibility of the internet...

One of our new pot plants has been given the honorary title of "Sideshow Bob" (from 'The Simpsons') - the spikey-leafed palm-thing really looks like that, you know...! Argh! It lives atop the back table on the rear porch.

Random thought... my 'Winzip' wouldn't work for me the other day - I have so much stuff saved as Zip files on this machine and on discs (Uni work, html files, work files etc etc)... luckily being at Uni has another side-affecting benefit... a CD-ROM with a whole heap of software came with my first-semester notes, which included - you guessed it - a copy of WinZip. It was easy to reinstall, and now works like a dream. Whew... I thought for a tic there I was in big trouble, but no... harrah for software that actually works.

Bad news! Terribly bad news! Gasp! Groan! Horrors! Tears! The local "Teddy Bear Shop" is closing down! Argh! Noooooooo! It has the best array of the cutest teddys you've ever seen... their closing down sale has things marked down to 70% off, so maybe... we'll see... don't wanna get Edward jealous, you know...

Speaking of Edward, (he's the gray/blue grotty one!), this year sees him turning 41... the same as his loyal subject... I mean, owner... friend... confidant... companion...? Edward appeared when I was very young, and lived under my arm for many a year loyally. There's a slide somewhere of me sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch at home when i'm like only 2, sucking my thumb with Edward in attendance under the arm - naturally. I was about 3 when one day he just wasn't there...! The story goes that a dog picked him up and walked off with him when I was in the front yard one day. Being frantic attempting to calm a frantic child dispossessed of his teddy bear, mum went searching thru the nearby bushland in the faint hope of finding poor Edward alive in one piece... her efforts were rewarded as Edward - although slightly chewed and slimy - made a bold return under my arm, once he had been surely washed and disinfected, I'm sure!

In all the years, the only thing he's had 'done' to him is his little blue ribbon replaced with a new one. I remember laying on my side with Edward in my arms, rubbing the silky edge of that ribbon back-and-forth along my upper lip... some sort of soft comfort, I guess. Eventually, you get older, and you feel you no longer need a teddy bear... but the 4-foot-tall big-red-"Rufus" bear still survived atop my bed. He still lives atop Josh's bed at the moment - an intergenerational teddy! Whoo hoo! Edward was put away, and eventually forgotten, but not tossed. Years' later - and I mean years - it was after I was married, I think, mum pulled a small plastic bag out of the back of the linen cupboard at home. Out came Edward - he looked somewhat smaller, but exactly as I remembered him! Little button eyes and stitched fingers... It was the HUGEST gift for me to see him again. I think I lay on my side just looking at him for a few days swimming in distant memories, much to my wife's bemuzement. Edward now lives proudly atop my bed, guarding it against norty Moofie intruders. On one of my 'down' days, I may still be known to clutch that small grotty (but clean) teddy bear under my arm as I try not to cry myself to sleep... awwww...

Thanks for listening, Blog Paige. Sleep well and peacefully.

On This Day...
Born: Kenny Loggins (muso, 1948); Nicolas Cage (actor, 1964); Mike McGear (Paul McCartney's bro & singer, 1944).
Died: John Berryman (poet, 1972).
Events: Day of Numa, Wizard King of Rome.
Useless Trivia: Sir Paul McCartney's first name is... James.
My Soundtrack:
The Beatles 'Anthology 2'; Janis Joplin 'Pearl'
Footwear: butt naked yet again!!!
Weather: another gloriously sunny clear day with light NW winds.

A canner, exceedingly canny,
One morning remarked to his granny,
'A canner can can
Anything that he can
But a canner can't can a can, can he...?'

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Blogger Raven said...

Space is feeling a little cramped right now, world is getting me down a bit. Oh well. You make me laff and that always makes my day feel better.

Your blogs are always insightful or funny or both and I love that.

Isn't amazing how the things from our childhood seem so much smaller when we are adults. I walked through my old school recently and stopped next to "my" seat, the spot I had lunch for 4 years of my life. Well let me tell you that was a very small seat. Very low down.

Sitting on it brought back all sorts of memories though. My first serious boyfriend gave me a horsebite whilst I was sitting on that seat. My first love, first a lot of things for that matter but that is not a conversation for a blog :)

Sideshow Bob will have to be introduced to Harry, he too sits in a pot with a big spikey head sticking out. I have had him for 9 years now and he takes a beating often but he still grows.

I was shocked at the Teddy Bear Shop tragedy. I am sure Edward would understand if you were compelled to rescue at least one bear, he might like a new little friend.


January 07, 2005 10:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry ur feeling 'cramped' for space - 5-ton forklift is on its way to lift yoursef out of the mire!

When I was working in some Primary Schools a few years' ago, I had that same sensation... it was like looking thru the looking glass into my own youth and school-childhood at times... eerie! Everything seemed so small! yes, like me at my High School... it was just a bloody concrete walkway where we used to hang out! Gees!
Mal :o)

January 08, 2005 10:32 pm  

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