Wednesday, January 05, 2005

(*) Considering the battering

Greetings, Blog Paige. I hope today's finds you happy, healthy, smiling and contented with your life choices! Wow - that's a heavy way to start a farking blog entry! lol I'm actually feeling emotionally quite well, considering the battering I've received over the last 3 years! I can look back now and whistle appreciatively that I actually survived it as well as I have. Sure, the emotional scarring will be there for a long time, but at the moment I'm at about a 7 - a scale out of 1-to-10 for 'how I'm going'. A '7' is pretty damn good for me - believe it!

Today would have been dad's 75th birthday. Even though it's been almost 9 years since he passed away, I still miss not having him around. It's gonna be really nice (warm fuzzies) leafing thru his old sailing and scouting scrap books soon. My brother rediscovered them the other day, sifting thru some junk in mum's ceiling space. It's funny that those have been found again, because it was only the other day I was thinking about them and specifically about some of the clippings in them. Those were the days when dad and I used to love sailing together in Sydney Harbour on the weekends. Well, I guess at the time it was a bit of a downer having to sail with your old man, but I always loved sailing all the same. The one time I was really pissed at him was when he told the Australian champion, Trevor Barnabas, that I couldn't crew in his boat for the next season, because I was sailing in another boat! I could've killed him for saying that! It was like a chance to race with the farking Australian champion, for goodness sakes! Argh! At least that guy knew I was a good crewman, that's a big plus.

Every Sunday morning, after an afternoon on the water around the northern end of Sydney Harbour, we'd get the sails out and hang them out in the large backyard we had at home in those distant days. Dad had even hooked up some ropes and pulleys on a few of the tress, so these huge white and colourful sails could hang suspended mid-air to get hosed down and left to dry. They hung there like giant sun-shades, hanging off the gum trees! How mum ever put up with it, I have no idea... just grinned and bore it, I suppose! That's just the way it was for - well, forever. It's a big bummer living 200km away from the ocean - sailing's pretty limited out here as a result. Sure, there's sailing out at some of the local dams, but with water levels so low as a result of the drought, there's not enough water to run a proper course these days - D'OH!

I miss the ocean, but not enough to want to move back that way. One - it's too far away from the boys, and two - it's too damn expensive to live. The price of living out here is amazingly positive. The other day I went for a nice long drive (100km), and at one point as I was cruising along this beautiful country lane, I had the sudden realisation that I live in such a beautiful open place as this - and not still living in the crowded, smokey, polluted city. I've been living out this way for ... hmm, this will my 10th year. There's no way I'd wanna move back to the city in a hurry, if I could help it. I didn't mind living on the Central Coast for that year, but I still found it too 'busy' and crowded, despite being near the ocean. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to buy myself a little place of my own out here - somewhere that I can call my own. I'm really happy living in the place I'm in right now (this is probably the best place I've lived in for many a year!), but it's still only 'renting', you know? I guess I'm longing to put my feet down (at last!). I'm happy being single - there's no particular lady in my sights right now (and I'm fine and comfortable with that), so settling down on my own is looking more and more like a good choice for me, sometime in the nearer future. When and how - I'm not sure yet. But... it's alright to hope and dream, for sure, hey? Yeah!

The NRMA guy said my car needs to see the insides of a mechanic's garaged to fix its high-idling problem. It's a problem in the carbie, apparently. No problemo. It's been going like a treat, all the same. I got petrol this morning at 88.9 cents-a-litre as well - about 10c/l cheaper than the other servos around town.

The Aussie cricket team have done it again - and with a whole days' play to spare. They've whitewashed the visiting Pakistani team 3-zip in this Test series! I was lucky enough to watch all of Gilly's innings yesterday (albeit on the box) - a truly awesome display of batting! I can't use enough exclamation marks! lol

Have you seen "The Incredibles" yet? No? WHY NOT??? Do it! I'm actually going to rush out and get it on DVD when it comes out - it's THAT good!

On This Day...
Born: Robert Duvall (actor, 1931); Diane Keaton (actress, 1946).
Died: Mal Evans (Beatles' road manager, 1976); Sonny Bono, 1998.

Useless Trivia: Poet ee cummings was a WWI ambulance driver.
My Soundtrack:
"Pearl" Janis Joplin; ABC radio Test cricket.
Footwear: butt naked.
Weather: brilliantly sunny, moderate nor-wester, practically cloudless - a great day.

A devil-may-care resteraunt cook
Made a mess of cooking a chook
His boss said, 'See,
Use this recipe.'
Now the cook cooks the chook by the book

A young girl with eyes of blue
Wanted to make some Irish stew
But her talent in the kitchen
Was not what you'd call bitchin'
And it tasted like industrial-strength glue.

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"If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it's the light of the oncoming train." (Robert Lowell)
"Excuse me, which way is the stage?" (Audience member, lost at Altamont, 1969.)
"The Lord survives the rainbow of His will." (Robert Lowell)


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Hey Mal, found you at Plodding Along, read that you're an INFP- me too, we're make up a whopping 1% of the population! Drop by Beelzebublog any time!

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