Monday, December 27, 2004

(*) Dripping waterworld party

My goldfishie, Thoon IV, joyously celebrated the wonderment of his 6th-month birthday last week. He lept, jumped, danced, grooved, boogied, jived, waltzed away happily during his dripping waterworld party.

I went for a drive the other week, just a bit out of town. I couldn't believe it - Locusts! Yes, in one spot about 5km's just out of town, I ran into the first swarm of locusts I'd seen around here. They're really bad up further north and west, so it was a bit of a surprise to see them around here. There's none been seen in town or here at home, but I'm sure the crop farmers are frantic that there are local hatchings of the bloody thing!

I noticed the temperature gauge on the car looking a bit high, and 2 blocks from home the throttle decided to stick on about 5,000 revs! D'oh! The radiator has a slight leak, and I'm not sure what's happening with the engine revving too high when it idles. D'oh! It's quite driveable, but until I get the radiator properly looked at by someone who knows what they're looking for and doing, I can't go for any long drives at the moment. I'd been planning to spend Xmas day with my mum - about 1-1/2 hours' drive - but I didn't want to blow the car up just getting there! Bugger it! It's fine to putter around town in, so that's the main thing.

The boys had their School 'Presentation Night' the other week too. They each received certificates for their work thru the year - I'm so proud of them! Then the whole school (it's a small school with only about 30 pupils all together - perfect for the boys) put on a Xmas play. JD was in Inn-Keeper, while Seb and Ix were visitors to the Inn - very cute! Of course - a good time was had by all. There's some (deliberately) blurry pics in my photo gallery - ask me for the addie!

The other weekend I spent over four hours alone with my beautiful boys! We went on some mini-train rides, then spent the rest of the arvo at the local pool. They've all had swimming lessons during 4th term with school, so they were really water-confident and swimming like fish! It's amazing what a few months makes, especially for Seb and Ix. We had a really really special time hanging out together - it's these times that keep me going, you know...

I had a job interview last week - an assistant manager of a new video store opening up in town. They haven't even finished building the place yet, and they wonlt be making a decision until like February! But it's good to keep my 'interview skills' up to speed, all the same. I'm feeling very comfortable and happy doing job interviews now - the first ones' always pretty nerve-wracking, but I've had enough practise now with how to approach and tackle them pretty well.

6 o'clock one morning last week, I suddenly awoke with a very strong sharp pain in my lower-right side. As I lay there considering what may have been happening, I remembered I'd felt that same pain before - a small kidney stone was 'in transit' between kidney and bladder! I thought, "well at least this time I can go upto 'Cas' (Casualty at hospital) in the daytime this time!" I took two asprin and lay back down - to see what might happen. I couldn't believe it - as I lay there in a kind-of crouched position on my bed, after about half-an-hour the pain actually stopped! I have no idea what happened, but it didn't come back again either! Whoo hoo - no trips to hospital and nastie stumbling in pain... It seems that the last 2 times this things' happened to me, the small stone passes into my bladder, and luckily enough breaks down in there, passing harmlessly. It must be the 'trip' between kidney and bladder where it gets stuck or something that has given me some curry previously. I guess this time it just kept going! I've been fine ever since. Crazy body!

The first time this thing ever happened to me was when I was living 35km's away from the nearest hospital or doctor, living in the middle of nowhere, about 5 years' ago. As I was doubled up in pain from midnight, M had to drive me thru a kangaroo-strewn country road in the middle of the night to get me to a hospital. The normally 30 minute trip took an hour, because there were kangaroos everywhere on the road... argh! Anyway, the *%$#@ doctor just told the nurse to give me a shot of Pethadine, and come back tomorrow. I managed to get some sleep when we finally got home (luckily we had some friends staying with us, so they could stay with the boys while we had to go in the middle of the night. luckily, they were none the wiser by the time we got back - they were still asleep!) Visiting the doctor the next day, he gave me a very brief once over, and offhandedly diagnosed, "It probably was just some sort of virus..." In other words - he had no idea, but by that morning I felt 100% fine, just a bit tired, so he wasn't too concerned. So much for rural medical services! lol

The second time it happened was Xmas 3 years' ago... I tried to drive to hospital, and managed to get just one block from where I was staying before I had to pull over, get out and walk around doubled over in pain in the darkness. Luckily I was able to get to the hospital pretty soon after that 'spasm' passed, and after a few hours of various treatments, eventually the pain lessened. sheesh - the joys of middle-age, hmmm...? hahahaa!

Xmas Day was very quiet here for me. My housemate went 'home' for the week, so I spent a few hours enjoying some DVD's I'd borrowed from the library - some classic Hitchcock etc films! Boxing Day was spent - as my tradition demands it (lol) - watching the Melbourne cricket test - Australia Vs Pakistan. Cold cordial, fan blowing, hot day - same as almost every year! I missed spending that time with my dad - that's a treasured childhood memory I have of spending endless Boxing Days!

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