Tuesday, January 04, 2005

(*) The blog paige

Idea Here's the Blog Paige page!!!
Question 'Paige' is like the personification of my blog!
(Maybe she's the subconscious daughter I'll never have?) Crying or Very sad

Exclamation Don't panic! Exclamation There's nothing wierd, strange or whatever going on here... it's like the ancient Hebrews personified 'Wisdom', even the Renaissance personified 'Reason', it's just like that! My blog's Paige!

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The Aussies are in the box seat at the end of the 2nd days' play of the 3rd Cricket Test against Pakistan - naturally! Go Ricky!
The lavender's going crazy here, and my room is almost overpowered with the beautiful smell of fresh flowers everywhere... you ol' hippy! lol
How could I let you not let you know about Buttercup, the three-toed Sloth?

"Monday Madness" this week was too farking difficult for me to complete! :(

Week 100 ~ I say ... and you think ... ?
  1. Newspaper:: Advocated bitchiness
  2. DVD:: spin, freeze, curse
  3. Resolution:: revolution
  4. Intimate:: pillow talk
  5. Song:: Cheer Up, Charlie
  6. Essential:: Beatles
  7. Whistle:: Tunes
  8. Glass:: Onion
  9. Countdown:: Molly, Australian Crawl
  10. Child:: innocence

On This Day...
Born: Michael Stipe (REM, 1960).
Died: TS Eliot (poet, 1965).

Useless Trivia: On August 7, 1979, a Spanish Air Force jet shot itself down when its gunfire ricocheted off a hillside practise target.
My Soundtrack:
Crowded House 'Temple of Low Men'; Beatles 'Beatles For Sale' & With the Beatles'.
Footwear: naked
Weather: gloriously sunny, warm-hot, light SW breeze, about 28c.
There once was a man from York
Who picked his nose with a fork
But his face caved in
And he couldn't grin
So he ended up looking like a dork...
Mallard d'Quackers


Blogger Raven said...

And I am the Page Page spelled just like a page. If I every had a daughter she really could have been Paige Page.

NOw I wonder where all this silliness comes from

January 04, 2005 11:11 pm  

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