Saturday, January 22, 2005

(*) Extremely breathless

That 120km drive I went on the other day... I filled-up again today, and my car only took 8 litres / $7 of fuel! That's amazing fuel economy! What a great little car! I'm going down (up?) to visit my mum later today (it's like midnight right now... too hot to sleep right now). My brother rang yesterday to say she had a 'bad' day yesterday - extremely breathless (the heat has a lot to do with that), and to ring her in the morning before I leave to see how she's going. But, barring death, there's no way she's going to stop me from coming! lol. Inside family joke... I've got some bread rolls for lunch...

And now for something completely different... a man with three buttocks... Kandos hosts its Annual Street Machine Show this weekend... ultimate bogan heaven... hotrods, hotted-up Holdens and Fords, burn-outs etc etc etc... not my cuppa tea tho. I used to live out that way a few years ago... Kandos and Rylstone are in the middle of nowhere (man!), half-way between Lithgow and Mudgee in NSW... way-out in the boonies, I'm telling ya! Pretty area tho, just waaaay to far from anywhere!

Random thought while I was watching the cricket this arvo... here's a bit of a challenge for you Aussies... who can remember all the words to the "Louie the Fly" / Mortein song, hmmmm? Scary... I bet you can do it! Tell me - if you can - without cheating and searching on Google, alrite?! Yeah! The scary thing is... the other week, my housemate and I were just sitting there watching something totally other on tellie, and we both started singing all the words to the song! So, do you think years' of subliminal advertising jingles affects you, hmmm...? hahahaa.

Here's another quick challenge... what the heck do you think this is...?

Here's a site that the 'Plodding Along' blog pointed me to - interesting concept... I'm still a work in progress... "MoodGym" Thanx for helping me keep working thru things wrong in my brain.

Here's some piccies I've taken recently of around town... each one tells a thousand words...? Gawd, I hope not!

You want the best Ice Cream in the Universe?! Yeah? This is IT - Annies! Love the little old couple who own and run it.

A local bakery with a great balcony you can sit and eat with a view... come to think of it, it was upstairs here that M told me simply she did not want our relationship to go on! Oh well... it's still got a great pie, anyway!

2 views of one of our main streets.

'Ithica' was recently on the market for something like a million dollars - can u believe it? A great old house tho - it'd make an amazingly atmospheric movie set.

Every town has one of 'those' pubs, you know, the ones you're told NOT to ever go to? Well, here's ours! lol

This is a large shady park slap bang in the centre of town, complete with duckie park, fountain etc.

Stannies is the big catholic boarding school that seems to loom over the whole town... actually, one of the very first radio messages in Australia was sent from this very tower.

On This Day...
Born: Lord Byron (poet, 1788); John Hurt (actor, 19740); Sam Cooke (singer, 1931).
Died: Judy Garland (actress, 1969); Queen Victoria, 1901.
Events: Rolling Stones refuse to be part of the tacky finale on 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium", 1967.
Useless Trivia: Boren's First Law: "When in doubt, mumble"
My Soundtrack:
Beach Boys
Footwear: bare butt neddik yet again!
Weather: glorious c.30c, sunny, warm, light airs.
An elephant born in Tibet
One day in its cage wouldn't get
So its keeper stood near
Stuck a hose in its ear
And invented the first Jumbo Jet.

Mal (ie. Mallard d'Quackers) :o)
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"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!" (Outtake ending, 'Dr Strangelove' 1963)
"Phew!." (Eric Clapton)


Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Am v v jealous of your weather - we have had gales all week, and although it is stiller now it's freeeeeeezing and cloudy. Can't wait for summer, I love sunshine! No rush for comment on my blog - I won't be posting again till Monday morning - really looking forward to your views, I'm sure you'll provide some interesting insights. Hope your visit to your mother went well.

January 22, 2005 9:31 pm  
Blogger birdychirp said...

Those pics are amazing - I need a holiday NOW.

Hope your mum was OK today

January 24, 2005 7:20 am  
Blogger caroline said...

Great pics Mal! Your talking about how hot it is and we are freezing and looking at 12 inches of snow that the blizzard brought
Take care and I hope your trip to your mom is a good one.

January 24, 2005 5:22 pm  
Blogger 3rd daughter said...

i'm doing this straight from brain to fingertips...

i'm louie the fly, i'm louie the fly.
straight from rubbish tip to you.
spreading disease with the greatest of ease.
straight from rubbish tip to you.
i'm bad, i'm mean, i'm mighty unclean.
afraid of no-one!
except the man with the can of mortein.
hate that word, mortein.
mumble, mumble, i forget
ooooh! eeee!!

do you remember "hey dad, the wheels are talking?"

January 25, 2005 12:05 am  

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