Saturday, December 04, 2004

(*) Champagne cocktail water

I'll be taking the boys upto 'The Mount' for a few hours this arvo to see some racing cars. The Light Car Club is having a 'Hill Climb' this weekend, where they basically race against the clock. This arvo they are racing in pairs, starting in Pitt Straight and finishing at the top of The Mount - via Conrod Straight. They go clockwise around the track, which is the reverse of what the V8's do it - it should make it interesting. Fingers' crossed (depends how the phase of the moon and the tides are influencing M today! [just kidding!]), I'll be bringing the boys back here for a little while afterwards so we can build and decorate my Xmas tree here. The boys watched one of Ix's birthday prezzies last night, their "Thunderbirds 6" DVD! Very cool! Who else remembers getting up early in the morning as a kid to watch the 'Thunderbirds' on the telly?!?

Thoon is having a wonderful 1st birthday today, swimming very dazedly around and around in his lightly chilled champagne cocktail water... hmmm... well, technically, it's one year since I've had a goldfushie as a pet. Thoon IV is four-and-a-half months old at the moment, and seems to be through his period of teething... omg, that means it's the terrible 2's next, doesn't it...?!? hahahaa.

Stop Press... Third Daughter wanted to see Thoon in his White Disco suit, with hat and cane... well, here he is... it was awkward to photograph, as he is a dancin' fool!

I've applied for over ten job positions this week alone - no interviews tho... yet! I'll just keep banging away...

My housemate bought a DVD the other day that she simply told me is the worst film ever made - that's why she got it! Has anybody else ever seen the schlock-horror flick "Army of Darkness" (MGM 1992), 'starring' Bruce Campbell?!? It's sooooo bad - it's hilarious! What is the worst film you have ever seen?

On This Day...
Born: Loretta Switt (M*A*S*H, 1937).
Events: The Beatles' Royal Variety Concert, London 1963. "The rest of you can just rattle your jewellery."
Useless Trivia: "The Terror of Tiny Town" (1938) had an all midget cast.
My Soundtrack:
The Black Sorrows (Greatest Hits).
Weather: about 75% overcast, mild, wind almost calm, about 22c.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Mal, it's Yvonne.

the worst movie i've seen lately would have to be "Killing Moon". It was starring Daniel Baldwin, of the famous Hollywood Baldwins-- Alec Baldwin is probably the best known of the Baldwin brothers-- remember the movie "the hunt for red october"?. that was Alec Baldwin.

so i thought since it had a Baldwin in it, it might be okay. boy, was i wrong! BAD, BAD, BAD!

Baldwin played some creepy government man out to kill a bunch of people on an airplane who were carrying an ebola-type virus. And it was up to the lady from the Center for Disease Control and the traffic controller guy to save the day.

Stinky, pewey!

December 04, 2004 6:57 pm  
Blogger 3rd daughter said...

thanks mal!! thoon is looking very flash!

my most unfavourite film? i'll have to think about that one...

December 04, 2004 10:54 pm  
Blogger caroline said...

As you know i work at Blockbuster, and i have seen many movies. But the one that I can say that i really hate with a passion is Freddy got fingered! That's an hour and a half i could never get back. lol. When people were checking out i told them to put that back on the shelf, don't waste your money. Those that did not listen to me came back and said they had wished they had.

December 05, 2004 3:12 pm  

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