Thursday, November 25, 2004

(*) A space in time's fleeting movement

I really really enjoyed writing that post from last night, remembering about childhood Xmas bits. I might refrain right now from doing another one... I'm feeling tired right now, and I don't need my brain to be over-stimulated right when I'm trying to get back into regular sleeping patterns! Argh! lol.

Ix's turning six next Tuesday... already there's a few groovy pressies I've got stashed away for him. And yes - I've already 'arranged' to be able to spend time with him on the day - yeeessss! JD finished his school 'Space' project this week - sounds good. And the boys will start a weeks' worth of swimming lessons with their school next week - let's hope this beautiful weather holds for them all. The schools' Presentation Night is in mid-December... last year the kids put on a beach Xmas-themed concert and sung and danced... wonder what they'll be doing this year!

My scalp (affected by nasty eczema now and again) is much better again - at last. It seems that this nasty overnight flare-up last week may have been somehow triggered by a reaction to a new multi-vitamin capsule I'd started taking a few days before! Damn! Once I stopped with the daily capsule, the scalp calmed down almost straight away! Crazy! I never had any problems at all like this ever! My sleeping patterns are slowly evolving into some kind of semblance to normality again (whatever 'normal' might be...though I fear it's really just a setting on the washing machine, you know...). I hate getting occasional periods of insomnia, and I hate just laying in bed tossing and turning, when the brain keeps churning churning churning endlessly over stoopid little things. I end up having to get up and if not read something light, then turn this machine on... but, my body clock seems to be slowly turning back to some regular patterns again - about *&%$#@ time. A bit of exercise surely helps - after that short jog the other day (which my calves are still complaining about tonight, actually - d'oh!), I whipper-snipped the postage-stamp-sized back yard grass this arvo... it'd only been about 2 or 3 weeks, but with this rain / sun / rain / sun cycle we've had recently, it's perfect grass growing bezerk weather. looks good now tho. My little alyssum flowders are growing like nuts (when I keep the water up to them!), and some mixed herbs and tomatoes are now taking off. Alas, the roses have passed their peak already.

Petrol has dropped again in price - by 6 cents/litre. I got $20 worth today at just 102.9c/l - saving about $1.20 from the other week! I like my little car... in the few weeks' I've had it, it's done about 350km, and hardly used much juice at all. It's because I'm just pottering about town - and I'm not a rev-head lead-foot... you really can't be in a Corolla! hahahaa.

Here's a nice blog I've stumbled across yesterday - Lorie's World.

Plus I also stumbled across this interesting site - How Much Are You Worth? It attempted to calculate that I'm worth $1,632,485.04! How much are
you worth? So - what price a human life? Without cost - naturally! Priceless.

On This Day - August 17...
Born: Davey Crockett (famous hat inventor, 1786); Mae West (actress, 1892); Shane Porteous (Aussie actor, 1942); Robert De Nero (actor, 1943); Sean Penn (actor, 1960).
Died: Rudolph Hess (former Nazi, 1987).
Events: The Who play Woodstock, 1969.
Useless Trivia: Mary Hardy Reeser spontaniously combusted in her home in St Petersberg, Florida, on 1st July 1951.
My Soundtrack:
'Dire Straits' (1st album, 1978).
Weather: mid-20's, gloriously sunny, light NE winds, almost cloudless skies - perfect Spring weather.

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"If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it's the light of the oncoming train." (Robert Lowell)
"Nuts" (US General, Battle of the Bulge 1944, in reply to German surrender demand)
"The Lord survives the rainbow of His will." (Robert Lowell)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is Ruby
I was the anon post in the prior entry on the questions and answers too by tbe way.

Fuel here is still not to bad, about 94 c a litre at the moment. Swimming starts here for the kids next week too. I have heard nothing but "how many more sleeps until we go swimming". Grrrr. Seeing as we live right near the beach and cannot swim outside of the nets here due to stingers, the kids cannot wait for that little more freedom that a pool offers.

Glad to hear your sleeping patterns are slowly returning. I hope you find a pattern that allows you to get some decent rest on a regualr basis.
Take care Mal

November 25, 2004 8:03 am  

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