Saturday, February 12, 2005

To boldly go...

Source: thanx to Third Daughter & Nzyme's blogs.

bold all that apply....

i have a cell phone.
i have friends that use me.
i am an only child.
i am a shopoholic.
i love dangly earrings.
i love cold weather.
i'm obsessed with the computer.
i have shot a gun before.
i can't live without music.
i have no tolerance of ignorant people.
i have ridden on a motorcycle before.
i'll be in this town forever.
i've been to 5 other countries.
i get annoyed easily.
i have kids.
i have neat handwriting.
i have more than a few horrible memories.
i am addicted to chocolate.
i am an atheist.
i love airplane rides.
i love taking pictures.
i hate people who are fake.
i can be mean when i want to.
one of my best friends is a guy.
i have way too many purses.
i'm obsessed with lip gloss.
i am easy to talk to.
i would never eat raw fish.
i cry easily.
i hate when people are late.
i procrastinate.
i love winter.
i have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
i love to sleep.
i wish i were smarter.
i'm afraid of flying.
i hate drama.
i bite my nails.
i have been on an 8 hour drive.
i love the beach.
i have never had the chicken pox.
i have gone out in public in my pajamas.
i can't control my emotions.
i have a best friend.
i have moved more than once.
i truly love my friends.
i have braces.
i have never broken a bone.
i hate my computer.
i love guys that play the drums.
i state the obvious.
i'm a happy person.
i love to dance.
i love to sing.
i love cleaning my room.
i tend to get jealous very easily.
i love cute underwear.
i love night better than day.
i don't like to study for tests.
i have been on the phone for over 5 hours.
i am too forgiving.
i have horrible sense in direction.
i miss elementary school.
i'm a daddy's girl.
i love kisses on my forehead.
i love the color pink.
i love to sew.
my eye color changes.
i should see a therapist.
i played on a guys sports team.
i become stressed easily.
i hate liars.
i like comfy sweatpants.
i can play the piano.
i love the smell of rain.
i love my family.
i hate needles.
i am a perfectionist.
i always wanted to learn to play the drums.
i hate the feeling of failure.
i have friends in other countries.
i know how to cook.
i can be quite selfish.
at times, i still act like a little kid.
i have food allergies.
i love to read.
i love getting stuff in the mail.
i have problems with letting go of old feelings.
i hate being alone.
i love summer.
i love the weekends.
i love black eyeliner.
i think im pretty.
i type with one hand.
i live in a one story house.
i wear make-up.
i have never rode on an underground subway.
i can't swim.
i have bad memories.
i go to church.
i sing in the shower.
i have never been camping.
i hate cheerleaders.
i usually get what i want.
i have been on stage before.
i love roller coasters.
no one knows my full story of my life.
i am close with my parents.
Stop Press...!
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Blogger 3rd daughter said...

hey mal, congrats on the job!! the longest i've been out of work was 4 months but it was still a nice feeling to finally have somwhere to to to each day :)

having read your response to the bold meme, i realised that it is a very girly meme. then again, some men do like black eyeliner :D

take care!

February 12, 2005 12:28 pm  
Blogger Mallard said...

Well, with black eyeliner... I'd rather not say... (Just KIDDING!!!) Mind you, when I used to play on stage, i did use to wear that stuff! Sheesh! hahahaa.
CyalaytaMal :o)

February 13, 2005 12:48 am  
Blogger Monica said...

I thought the bold thing was very cool. Hope you don't mind I borrowed it. It was interesting to read your answers.

February 14, 2005 2:31 pm  
Blogger Alessandra said...

"i have gone out in public in my pajamas."

was not bolded!

Man, you have not lived... one of lifeĀ“s greatest experiences has passed you by...

Not that I have done it either... :-)

But just discovered your blog, hope to drop by more...

February 16, 2005 1:07 am  

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