Wednesday, August 18, 2004

(*) TV antenna

I was walking to the post-box this arvo, when I passed this huge truck for a local TV antenna company. Well, the antenna on the roof of the house they must have been working on was bleedin' huge! It looked like something they could keep track of the Space Shuttle with! TV reception here is great, so I have no idea why they would want such a bizarre collection of bright shiny brand new antenna dishes and boxes and wires and stuff perched atop aerials and towers on their roof... my housemate joked that perhaps they're a local terrorist spy network or something... well, that's sure no way to keep it subversive, that's for sure! lol. So, if there's ever a problem with our TV reception or the local transmitter at anytime during this large sports carnival that's on at the moment, I'm sure all of Bathurst will lob on their doorstep to watch - I'm sure they could pick up the direct satellite feed, let alone a signal from Sydney, with all the gear they had installed on their roof! pmsl!

Mal :o)
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