Monday, August 16, 2004

(*) Hair

I got sick of having my hair getting into everything, so I cut 16cm (about 6 inches) off the length this arvo. Does that mean I've got a crue-cut now? No way! It's still long - waaay over the collar, just a lot tidier. Ahhh - you gotta do these things every now and again. I think the last time I cut a big length like this was back in 2001 or 2002 - I can't remember. But all I've been doing lately is just clipping a cm off now and again, to stop those dreaded split enz! Argh! Gesus - I'm 40 now. I shouldn't still have bleedin' long hair at this age, should I? Not when it reaches half-way down your back, anyway. Now it's much more manageable. But, all the same, I bet I wake up tomorrow and brush my hair and go, "Holy shite, what have I done?!?" pmsl! No no, it's not that bad or short, really.

Michelle... rang this morning, asking me for a copy of some paperwork that shows that we're actually divorced! She's 'creatively filed' hers at the moment - that's cool. I was gonna say "Oh No, sorry, but I can't do that!" when she rang, as a joke (she's still got a good sense of humour), but I didn't want to freak her out either! The thought made me chuckle all the same.

The boys seem to be going well... Sebbie put a nail thru his foot the other day (not on purpose, you understand... lol), and Josh is playing his Shannon Noll CD to melting point, apparently. Hahahaa.

Manly have undergone the most amazing turn-about in the history of the NRL, apparently. Last week they suffered their biggest lost ever and this week they won by heaps! If anyone was going to win the footy-tipping this year, it would be from pure luck alone!

Not much happening out here, if you don't count reading, reading and reading stuff about Teaching Adults, Program Planning and Teaching Portfolios! Bwrhwahahaha! Getting there, slowly slowly. My housemate is keeping the TV on 24/7 while that big sports carnival in Europe is on... that's fine, 'cause I got to see the rowing first-up! That keeps me happy. I've got written down when the eights are racing, so - look out! "Oar - boat - row!"

I found an amazing Beatles DVD 2 days ago (I can hear you sigh and roll your eyes, you know...), a documentary of their very first visit the the USA. Great vintage stuff - 40 years' ago now. Does that make it classical music yet? Thoon is dancing to Crowded House at the mo - he's smiling thru a nice clean tank this arvo too. Well, the DJ seems to alternating between the Crowdies, XTC and Rolling Stones - very eclectic! And, the biggest news is - I have a cut on my big toe on my right foot! Boo hoo! pmsl.

Mal :o)
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