Wednesday, August 11, 2004

(*) The Beatles 1964

I bought this amazing DVD yesterday! It's kinda a legendary thing - stuff I haven't seen before, and believe me I've seen a whole lot of stuff about The Beatles over the years! It's an official Apple documentary from their first visit to the USA in February 1964 by the Maysles Brothers, called "The Beatles - The First U.S. Visit" (Apple 07243 599360 9 3). It's a pioneering documentary as well, and it's got some great laid-back behind-the-scenes footage of The Beatles just hanging out, and their very first live gig and TV appearances in America - historic stuff. It hasn't been released since it was first showed in 1964 (was released afresh last year, 2003). Wow - even after 40 years, this stuff is still wonderful. Their Washington Coliseum gig is just pure magic. There are moments when they share glances between each other during the gig, and you can tell by the looks on their faces and in their eyes that they're thinking, "Wow! We're really are playing - in America! We've really made it"

Mal :o)
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