Saturday, August 07, 2004

(*) Josh's birthday

Josh turned 11 at 12.25pm yesterday! Those years' have seriously flown past. I can still remember the very first time I met him - I held him in my arms, and promptly burst into tears! It was a whole mixture of joyful emotions all overwhelming as soon as I held my first-born son! Sigh! Precious memories!

Yesterday I met the boys for a brief afternoon tea after school. Of all the little bits and pieces I got for Josh, while he loved the Shannon Noll CD (gaps! lol), the thing that grabbed his attention the most was a tiny transistor radio I got for free from the supermarket last week! He's excited that he can listen to the radio with the earplugs while he's riding his bike, and on the schoolbus! hahahaha! All three boys said they knew all the words to Shannon Noll's single 'What About Me' (which I remember when the original actually came out - I even saw Moving Pictures play live at my local pub!!! lol)... but, all they knew was the first words, "What about me... mmm mmm mmm mmmmm..." pmsl! Boys will be boys. Nevertheless they popped it straight into the car's CD-player, and I'm sure my poor ex will be driven mad with endless replayings of the thing for the next few months! lol.

I had to laugh getting the Shannon Noll CD for him. (For those of you who don't know, Mr Noll was the runner-up at the last 'Australian idol' competition). He does nothing for me, and my flatmate and I had a huge laff when I told her I brought it. I told the girl at the checkout, "This is not for me, really!" But she smiled and probably thought, "Yeah, right!" It must be revenge from my own parents... they brought me a "Sherbet" LP for my 11th birthday (which I'm proud to say I still have!), and I'm sure their reaction was exactly the same as mine was to buying Shannon Noll for my own son... 'eewww...' PMSL! I am getting old!

Go the Wallabies tonight!!!

Mal :o)
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