Wednesday, August 11, 2004

(*) Auction

There's this little old lady who lives in a wheelchair and a walker who stands and sits outside her place nearly every day when I walk to and from town. She's a kind old thing, and she's almost a local landmark for everyone in the immediate area, who all like to stop and say hello to her. Well, today I was taken aback when I saw a big "Auction" sign across the front of her place! My first thought was, "Oh shivers, she's died!" I didn't know what to think. As I was walking back, there were two people cleaning up a bit around the small front yard of the place, and I asked them, well, where was she? Was she OK? It turns out that she's simply gone to a nursing home. Fair enough - she looked a pretty frail little thing. I'm just glad nothing awful happened to her. It's funny how it's little things like that shock you in such a strange way.

Mal :o)
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