Wednesday, August 11, 2004

(*) Local Library

The local library here is a goodie. Great size, range and availability. I grew up in Sydney, and if you were able to get a 2-week borrowing limit for a handful of items, you were lucky. Here, you can borrow upto 50 items for 4 weeks - for free! Amazing. Plus they have a great range of CD's, DVD's and videos too. On Monday I borrowed a few things from there...

Mental As Anything, "Beetroot Stains" (CME 2000) - I heard this CD by this old classic pub-rock Aussie band about 2 years' ago, but I didn't get a good listen of it. I wasn't very impressed with it then, but I thought I'd give it another listen. Yup, I was right - I'm still not impressed with it! It sounds like it's a band demo recording! Weak songs, nothing really catchy (like you'd expect from the Mentals). There's only 2 songs I prefer, the 2nd one "Special Filter" (and then only 'cause it's got a good groove happening), and No. 6 "Narelle" (a funny story of an Aussie BBQ gone wrong...).

"The Truman Show" DVD, with Jim Carrey. This is one of those films I've never quite gotten around to watching yet, so I thought I'd borrow it. I'm not really a Jim Carrey fan, yet he hits the spot in this thing. I like this film. Great concept (I love the light falling from the sky, the early sunrise, smashing his boat thru the horizon, the guy jumping out of the Xmas present, the sky-diver...), and well filmed, if a bit artificial. But, hey, the whole things' supposed to be artificial, so that's probably a good thing, hey? Good for a laff.

And finally... something on a totally different track (And now for something completely different...?) Ken Burn's documentary on the American Civil War. Now, I am definitely NO fan of war, but for purely the historical interest in the thing, this is great. What a waste of bloody life. It's hard to imagine living in a time like that, as a country literally tries to tear itself apart. Australia's never had anything remotely like that happen to us in our brief life - all our fightings' been for bloody someone else! pmsl! It's hard to imagine all those men dying on battlefields in such lovely quiet little country spots like Gettysburg. Madness. Pure madness. But, like I said, I've never had to live thru anything like that - a nation going thru it's growing pains so rebelliously. Australia's growing pains all seem to be expressed internally. Yet they are just as potent as the factors that caused the Civil War... hhmmm...

Mal :o)
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