Wednesday, August 18, 2004

(*) Olympics' spectators

What's the deal with the spectators at the Olympics this week? With just 4 days' gone so far. I'm totally amazed that at most of the venues, the stands and crowds are only at about 30-40% at best! That's terrible - it was never like that at Sydney! I'd give my eye teeth to see any sport at that level of competition (and the ticket prices are supposedly like 35% comparably cheaper than at Sydney), so it's a darn shame that people just aint turning up. I appreciate people want to catch finals, but there's been some great games happening already. I mean, like tonight, I was watching an outtake from an Australia Vs Japan baseball game - and there looked like there was only about 500 people in this huge venue! What a shame! people are suggesting there's all sorts of reasons, but I think it's much easier to sit at home and watch it all on TV in the comfort of your air-conditioned lounge, than for the locals to get off their asses and get out there! I mean, I'm sure there's people all over Europe who are thirsting to get down there to watch - Greece would be like just down the road for them to travel!

Mal :o)
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