Wednesday, August 18, 2004

(*) Last Post

No no, I don't mean that this is the last 'post' to my blog - D'oh! On the weekend I was sitting quietly in the backroom reading, when suddenly out of the silence I could plainly hear a bugle playing 'The Last Post'. I had no idea where it was coming from - it wasn't Anzac Day or Armistice Day or anything like that... I thought I must have been hearing things. The next day I read in the local rag that there'd been a short ceremony to mark 'VP Day' (Victory in the Pacific, 1945) at the local War Memorial. Of course - that was it! I live about 3 blocks from there - no wonder I could hear it so plainly. Mystery solved. Now I can put away the prozac again... for another day lol.

Mal  :o)
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