Saturday, August 07, 2004

(*) Static Electricity

I made an interesting discovery at 4 o'clock this morning! I was coming back to bed in a pitch-dark room. As I slipped off my trakkies, I could have sworn I saw little sparks flashing in the darkness about my legs. For a split second I thought I'd totally lost it, or was having some nasty flashbacks from my late-teenage years or sommat! But, I did it again - slipped the trakkies down my legs, and - bingo! The static electricity was seriously causing tiny little flashes across my legs in the darkness! I'd never seen anything like that before - I felt like a kid making a new discovery! So, if you've ever got nothing else to do, in the middle of the night, get your eyes used to the dark, and try it with some staticcy clothes you've got. Zap!

I'll just go and play my banjo with my new glasses now... pmsl...

Mal :o)
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