Friday, March 11, 2005

(*) Wildness Australia

I finally got paid for doing that 1-days' work the other week... I admit I rushed out and bought myself - some new guitar strings! You can only enjoy practising with 5 strings for so long, you know! D'oh! I saw a car accident a block from home on my way back home... some stoopid doofus decided backing-out into oncoming traffic without looking would be just fine - oh wrong! The newish Commodore didn't look so good at the rear afterwards, but the old 1960's Holden Premier only looked slightly crumpled at the front! Ahhh... I guess they don't make cars like they used to... back in the old days... you know, before colour TV...?!? pmsl

Random thought - do you remember where you were and what you were watching - the very first time you saw colour TV? Or, perhaps - you've always had colour?! For me, it was outside the large Retravision store at Warringah Mall at Brookvale (Sydney) in c.1975 - the golf was on the display TV in the window, and there was a small crowd gathered watching in amazement at the green grass! I distinctly remember growing up watching our old big cabinet-like box of the AWA black-and-white TV which sat in the corner of mum and dad's front room - oh wow, that was a random thought!
I loved going for that drive yesterday - it still blows me away that I'm living in rural Australia - miles and miles of open rolling hills and treed ridges and endless blue skies with soft billowing clouds suspended in the azure air... much better than an endless horizon of red tiles... sure, I grew-up living in a city of 4,000,000+ - and I didn't know any different or better. Now, I relish living out here in the wideness Australia can still offer.
post There's still something so refreshing and symolises that embodiment of freedom in something as simple as an old fence post... yup, it's wonderful living out this way. Sure, it's got it's positives and negatives, just like living anywhere (even Hydra! lol). But, to have the knowledge that only a simple 5-minute drive away, you can really be out in the middle of nowhere - with room to breathe. (No no... I'm not employed by the local real estate places saying all that either! eyes ) I guess, in a tiny way, I'm a little jealous of the boys being able to grow-up and live on a property 30kms out-of-town! They are so lucky - and I'm so happy that they have the opportunity to experience that sort-of life.

On This 10th Day of March (ummm... yesterday!)...
Born: Sharon Stone (actress, 1958); Dean Torrence (Jan & Dean, 1940).
Died: Zelda Fitzgerald (writer's wife, 1948); Andy Gibb (singer, 1988); Lloyd Bridges (actor, 1998).
Events: Apollonius of Tyana.
Useless Trivia: Oliver's Law of Location: "No matter where you go, there you are"
My Soundtrack: John Farnham ~ "Whispering Jack"
Weather: another glorious late summer/early autumn day, almost cloudless, mid 20's.
The Stones have a singer named Jagger
Around the stage he does swagger
He still sings pop
But perhaps he should stop
Before it turns into a stagger

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