Wednesday, March 09, 2005

(*) Joyfully swimming

I went for a drive to check out the boys' new place this arvo. They'll be moving in about 2 weeks, M told me last night. They'll be living 30km's out of town from here, right in the bush! I think JD said it's like 30 acres, and there's plenty of bush out that way... it's not that far from Rockley, so it's really a long way out - at least it's tarred road all the way. I know there'll be heaps of room for the boys to play about on there, so that'll be truly wonderful. The school bus stops right outside their gate, which is brilliant.
My main concern is for M. When we used to live at Ilford, she absolutely hated being out-of-town and feeling so isolated (she's a small fish in a big pond - loves being a 'townie', really) - and that was about the same distance from the nearest town too. So, home alone, new baby, new marriage, new home, 30kms out of town... in all seriousness, I hope she doesn't start going koo-koo out there on her own! (I'm not trying to be nasty here, awlrite? lol) How this change with the move will affect me being able to see and spend quality time with the boys (which I just don't get much of lately) is a big unknown for now. We're finally going down the 'mediation' track together - at last. M asked me to wait another 3 weeks until the move is over, and then we can meet with a neutral person - but someone who knows the family and the boys - and work thru some issues together she's been unwilling to address. It's been months... there's always seems to be something happening for them, you know...

wink New CD's are always fun... well, second-hand CD's I mean! As good as new - and a fraction of the $$$ too. After listening to and really enjoying Elton John's 2001 'Songs From the West Coast' I'd borrowed from the library, I found a copy for just a tanner (sorry, I mean $10), so I grabbed it. The 2nd CD I found for just $20 was the Hoodoo Gurus "Ampology" collection - 2 CDs full of all their great Aussie tribal rock and roll! Gotta love some of their stuff. By the way - this would be the most contemporary CD I own, being only released in 2003! hahahaa!
smile Then I found a copy - for just a fiver - of Mel Brooks & Gene Wilder's brilliant 1974 comedy satire "Young Frankenstein". If you haven't seen this film - do it! You'll PYSL!

smiley I'm a bit worried about some old friends of mine in Canada - I haven't been able to contact them since around Xmas-time. Hmmm... I sure hope everything is alright with them. They had a new daughter, Rachel, mid last year, so maybe just being parents with a young-one is keeping their hands full. Let's hope so. They're good people, you know... I've known them since 1985, and they've walked with me thru some of the bumpy and smooth journeys of my life over that time.

Thoon is keeping well - still growing and joyfully swimming (a good sign... lol) He's about 8cm long now, and if I'm not careful, he'll start developing a pot-belly, a bit like his dad... nope

teddys Hug your teddy!

On This Wednesday 9 March...
Born: Glenda Jackson (actress, 1936).
Events: 1967 Brian Jones enters hospital for 'respiratory problems'
Useless Trivia: For your library...? Noebel, D.A. 1965, Communism, Hypnotism and The Beatles, Christian Crusade, Tulsa, Okla.
My Soundtrack: "Ampology" Hoodoo Gurus
Weather: gloriously sunny yet again, even tho Autumn's arrived of an evening... as low as 4c / 39f ... brrr... now, where did I put that doona...?
There once was a man from the sticks
Who liked to write limericks.
But he failed at the sport
Because he wrote them too short.

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Young Frankenstein - Love it - One of my favs. LMAO everytime I see it. Ah sweet mystery of life at last I've found you! lol.

March 10, 2005 6:53 am  

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