Saturday, March 26, 2005

(*) Easter Salutations

Merry happy Easter Greetings to all!
Wishing Paige and all my bloggie readers a merry happy Easter Break - enjoy yourselves with your loved-ones - wherever you are, irrespective of your worldview! Do not overdose on rabbit poop... sorry, I mean Easter chocolate (if that's even possible, naturally!)

I'm going thru one of my periods of feeling lonely again. About 75% of the time I'm feeling quite comfortable and happy being single, but every now and again I really start to miss just having someone to share myself with again. Just having someone around, I guess, to appreciate and have someone to talk to and to listen - just listen. It comes and goes... I'm a very selfish individual who now appreciates his own time and space (since the divorce), so it'd be really 'interesting' if anyone came along at the moment, in that regards. But - I'm not even looking. The whole 'dating' thing is blech - I'd rather just have a good friend than having to do the whole 'dating' thing! I think that's what I miss most - having a best-friend/companion always there to talk to, be with and listen to. 10 years in that kind-of relationship is rather habit-forming, you know! lol. But I'm not rushing out seeking that again at the moment. If someone comes along, I'll be playing things very slowly - well, as slowly as a lonely bloke can survive, that is! lol. Oh gawd, I crap on...

Whilst mum's kidneys are kaput, she's doing almost well enough now for the doctors to consider evaluating her for palliative care at her own home! Gosh! ('Palliative care' simply means just keeping her comfortable until things take their final course.) We're all quite amazed that this could be even happening, as we all expected her to be dead by now - I know that sounds callous, but it's reality. Secretly, I think the hospital doesn't want her taking up their valuable bed space... I mean, it took them three days to find her a bed in the first place! Sheesh! Me? A cynic? Never!

I finally managed to arrange a time to meet with a counsellor for M and I re. a mediation get-together - but M can't make it for next Tuesday... and the counsellor-person is only available Tuesdays! Oh well... I think I'm more upset and stressed about it than I realise. That's life - but it just drains you. I feel so blah sometimes. My head is sore from banging on the wall for so long.

But at least my big toe-nail is still whole - I'm thankful for little things!

I'll be seeing the boys on Sunday - at last! It's been about three bloody weeks - three weeks TOO long for me, I'm telling you. They're enjoying themselves out on their new place... they went out on a 'paddock basher' (ie. an old bommie unregistered car) and checked out all the fences this morning. How cool is that? I check our fences here - sweeping the occasional cobweb away with a straw broom! And I sure don't need a paddock basher to do that... perhaps just a pair of ol' rubber thongs (ie. 'flip-flops' to the USA-ians! We are not so weird to wear 'rubber thongs' down here you know... well, not that I know of at least... it's getting too cold now anyhow).

Drats. I didn't mean to sound so bloody down in this post! I guess that's just how I'm feeling. I'm not really down, just a little flat. I just miss having someone to talk things thru with. Thoon is good value, but his conversational language skills are fairly limited at this stage...

On This 25th Day of March...
Born: Elton John 1947; Aretha Franklin 1942.
Died: King Faisal (Saudi Arabia, 1975).
Events: Greek Independence 1821; Good Friday - Easter.
Useless Trivia:  Finster's Law: "A closed mouth gathers no feet."
My Soundtrack: Hoodoo Gurus "Ampology" CD.
Footwear: naked - or nude...? Art - or smut...?
Weather: gloriously sunny, light breeze, cloudless, low 20's.
On a large flat TV screen
The war from Iraq could be seen
The coalition of the willing
Found it so thrilling
But the rest of us found it obscene

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Blogger broomhilda said...

I hear ya about the loneliness. I'm not ready to do the dating thing, but I really miss having someone to talk and laugh with. The hardest part is the nights, I miss the closeness, ah what a whiney bunch we are, lol.

I'm sorry about your mum. Can't they do dialysis? Transplant? Anything?

March 27, 2005 12:14 am  
Blogger caroline said...

Happy Easter Mal and i am glad that you get to spend time with the kids during the holiday.

I'm going to play a little scavenger hunt for the little goodies i got them. It should be fun.

You'll fid someone Mal it's always when you least expect it. Take care ...

March 27, 2005 3:13 pm  
Blogger Me said...

Heya Mal, long time no see. I have my blog back up and running. Trying to catch up with all I have lost contact with. Logn story about what happened with the blog. Getting hacked is
Anyway, hope you had a great easter and look foward to seeing you and catching up again.
Cazza (aka Ruby at just cruising)

March 28, 2005 2:18 pm  
Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hi Mal, not surprising you're feeling lonely, what with your mum being so ill and mediation looming and your boys being further away, it surely is a difficult time and from what you write it looks as if you're dealing with it really well. So give yourself a round of applause! And I loved the Iraq limerick!

March 28, 2005 5:58 pm  
Blogger Mallard said...

Thank you, aldies. I think I was experiencing my monthly 'cycle' that day, and feeling a bit blue! lol
Do men 'really' get monthly mood swings? YOU BETYA! lol
Mal :o)

April 04, 2005 11:08 pm  

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