Tuesday, September 14, 2004

(*) Wedding's on this Saturday

Michelle & William's wedding is this Saturday morning. I'm feeling fine about it - I hope it really goes great for them and is an enjoyable memory for them - good on 'em. josh is the 'Best Man' (or, as a friend suggested, 'Best Boy'), and Seb and Alex will be walking down the aisle with their cousins as 'Flower Children' (not, not dressed as hippies with kaftans and beads...)! Won't that be a sight - very very cute and memorable for them. I hope Sebbie manages to behave himself - he's got an amazing absurd sense-of-humour just like his ol' man... I hope he manages to keep a 'straight face' thru the whole thing! I know his brothers (younger and elder) will be keeping a close eye on him! pmsl!

Random thought - I was sitting up late on Saturday night (about midnight), watching the end of a DVD. My housemate came shuffling up the driveway after spending the evening out with her hockey friends. Well, it was funny to listen and watch her trying to get in the door, walk down the hallway, and attempt to make some toast - for the first time since I've been here (over a year now), she was absolutely legless! It was really funny to watch her bump into walls and slur her words! Luckily she's a happy harmless drunk, not aggressive at all - just LOUD! The more-amazing factor is that - she was out the front door at 7am the next morning for work - with NO hangover! I dunno how she does it! She's a moderate drinker (nothing dramatic, tho), and she never seems to be any the worse for it the next day! I just dunno how she does it! It's very funny to watch, tho.

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