Saturday, September 11, 2004

(*) Locusts

Yes, there's already brewings of yet another locust plague here in western NSW, thanks mainly in part to the 3rd-year of drought we're still in the grip of out here. There was a build-up of the buggers in Autumn, but altho they die-off in the winter, they still lay their eggs which await the warmer weather of early spring (ie. now). Farmers and residents are being asked to keep an eye out for hatchings so they can be caught and disposed of before they start on their trail of eating destruction. They have opened three locust Centres specifically dealing with the reduction of this pest, in Narrabri, Coonabarrabran and Gunnedah. I know people who live in big cities don't really give a toss about what happens out here, but farmers just don't need this, after a third-straight bad season, affected by lack of rain. Bad crops = higher prices for food, so city slickers eventually do pay the cost of it, whether they like to ignore us out here beyond the "Sandstone Curtain" or not! lol

Mal  :o)
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