Monday, September 13, 2004

(*) My weekend

This is just a quick post... I'll re-write this properly in a day or two... i just wanted to get the points down!
Josh and I didn't end up doing the Edgell Jog Fun Run - half-an-hour before the start - it was sleeting! It was blinkin' freezing! A good call! Instead, I took all three of my darling boys to the movies. We say Disney's latest animated caroon, "Home on the Range". Not one of their best, but still the boys enjoyed it, which is the main thing. After missing out on last weeks' Fathers Day, they gave me a prezzie - a 2005 diary! Great! I spent a little time filling it in already, adding birthdays etc.

Seeing and just being with my three wonderful sons is like a refreshing medicine for my soul - really! It heals me to be with them. I feel whole being together with them too - and they love being with me as well. being without a car is such a disadvantage - I really feel discriminated against because my my limited transport options at the moment. I can't just pick them up and go to the park or just hang out with them for half-an-hour whenever... everything has to be 'orchestrated', and it can be a right royal pain in the butt, to be honest. My boys and I enjoy spontenaity, and having to plan a simple get-together takes the shine off that in many ways. But - I never ever knock back the opportunity to be with them, whenever I can. Like I said, being with them is like a good medicine. I know they love it too - it's not just me! lol

Mal :o)


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