Monday, September 13, 2004

(*) Stoopid spam emails

Here's some of the stoopid spam emails I've recieved over the weekend - thankfully, no porn!

(*) Your Serenity Pill - Improve Your Outlook On Life Immediately - REAL Mood Management...
Deleted, of course!
(*) Citrus Pill - Drop 10 pounds every 12 days! - the power of citrus...
Deleted - obviously! Don't u love the way your whole life can be fixed by simply taking a magical pill?!? pmsl!

(*) Christian Dating - Christian? Single? Seeking?...
Bloody exploitation! pmsl! Deleted immediately!

Thankfully, my inbound spam has dropped right away in the last few months. I must have finally got the 'filters' working properly, after much trial-and-error!

Mal :o)


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