Wednesday, July 07, 2004

(*) Wednesday - a cold day!

Mum and Bro... My brother picked me up yesterday, and we spent the day hanging out with our mum. She's still very weary and thing, weak and quite breathless too. She turns 75 in August. In spite of her weakness, we all had a wonderful day together at her place in the Blue Mountains - lots of fun and laffs. My brother and I had just the best time hanging out together in
the car (he drove me home again afterwards - a 1 1/2 hours drive back), and we talked and laughed and compared notes for ages and ages - wonderful time. After dropping me off, he dropped into visit the boys. He's quite wrapped on Alex - he's a famous Uncle now!

Scanner and keyboard... My brother gave me his old scanner yesterday as well! Wow! It took all of 5 minutes to set up, and it scans just great! Needless to say, I've updated a few photos and things on my website as a result! Plus, for my birthday, I lashed out and bought a new keyboard for this thing. I was sick of wrestling with a sticky 'l' key and a down arrow key too. At last - this one's nice and touch-sensitive, unlike the last one (an old 2nd-hand thing) which was a real clunker!

Photos updated... You can check out my new uploaded pics thru my website. Latest ones of the boys. Don't forget to sign my guestbook too!

CD... I also bought another CD (aahhh... the joys of birthdays!). I grabbed an undamaged 2nd-hand copy of Crowded House - "Together Alone" - it's the only one of theirs I didn't have. Sounds great! The Crowdies are one of my favs.

Sleeting... another freezing day out here. It's about 1 point off sleeting - the rain is really cold and 'hard' (if you know what I mean, if you've ever lived in areas where it sleets and snows!) It'd be snowing where I used to live in Ilford/Mt Vincent, about 70kms away! But, that's like 1,000
meters up atop a mountain, and I'm only like 670 meters up here. But, as always, once you rug-up for it, it's not too bad at all. The dark heavy clouds are rather really beautiful, in their own way. It's just that wind... goes right thru you! Sheesh!

Mal :o)

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