Monday, June 28, 2004

(*) It's blinkin' freezing today!

Gosh! It's cold!... It's 3c degrees at the moment (about 37f) - my hands are cold - fingers feel too cold to type properly! This is the first time I've felt cold living here this winter! Time to dig out the ugh boots again - the world-famous ugh-boots held together with gaffa tape! I mean, I'm sitting here with my old Manly beanie (poor Manly! Sob! lol), so at least me old ears are warm enuff.

Thoon...The funny side of it is - Thoon, my dancin' goldfish - his water is almost as cold! I dunno what to do about it - no wonder he's been dancing so much lately... just to try and keep warm!Some ppl wonder what on earth prompted me to name him 'Thoon'... well, if you haven't found out the link on my webpages yet, here it is... this will tell you - or perhaps it won't! pmsl!

Chat friends... Since my puter is working, that is, I can get back online again, I've been able to catch up with my online chat friends. I haven't been able to talk with them for about 3+ months! Sob! But lately, I've caught up with friends in England, Sweeden, Greece, Turkey and Hawaii, as well as Australia. It's been wonderful. I've really missed being able to do that.

Hydra... I've found a new site on my favourite Greek island of Hydra, with some very beautiful pictures. Take a look, click on the 'Hydra' link on the left, and you'll understand why I'm still fascinated with the place!

George Johnston... Speaking of Hydra, I did a search of some of the Johnston books I've got, and the ones I'm still after. They are quoting a price of $20+ for the same first-edition copy of 'My Brother Jack' that I brought recently for just $8! Whoo hoo!

Mal :o)
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