Monday, July 05, 2004

(*) Monday - Thoon

Thoon IV... Well, "Thoon IV" my comet goldfishy has established himself into his little waterworld in my room happily enuff. He's a little larger than the last one (just the luck of the draw - there was like 5 thousand in the tank at the shop!), but dances happily just like his predecessor did. It's nice having a fishie again - I left the filter and air pump on yesterday even tho the thank was empty - force of habit! D'oh! So, I'll be nursing this one for many years to come - fingers' crossed. It seems as tho I've finally figured out the mistakes I've been making along the way - hopefully by now I'll get it right! lol.

who would have believed it? Greece won the Euro 2000 Cup Soccer? They went into the competition totally ranked at 150 to 1 extreme outsiders - and they went all the way and won it, beating Portugal 1-0! Whoo hoo! It's the first international final Greece has ever won in soccer, apparently. All the Greeks here in Australia have declared an unofficial public holiday to celebrate! (Melbourne is the 3rd-largest Greek city in the world! True!) The Greeks in Sydney stopped the traffic in their wild celebrations!

Well, at least the Greeks have got it good... my old team in the ARL, Manly, are now coming dead last! D'oh! Oh well... things'll bound to work out for them - eventually!

Mal :o)

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