Tuesday, June 29, 2004

(*) Tuesday's bits

Parent/Teacher get-together... I'll be meeting with the boys' teachers at school tomorrow. You know, the 'parent/teacher' thing! Gees - that makes me sound so old - hahaha! But it's always good to see firsthand how they're going in their school environment. It's a nice small school (like only 30/35 kids in total), and I know they're in a really great positive environment and being thoughtfully cared for - you know what I mean. I'm really looking forward to it.

Mum... My brother rang the other day, and we'll be going together to spend the day with mum, hopefully this Thursday. One of the benefits of all of this is that my bro and I spend like 3 or 4 hours in the car alone together, just talking talking talking! It's so wonderful! Like a breath of fresh air into my tired soul. So hopefully, mum'll be upto seeing the both of us. She misses us, of course, but she seems so weak at the moment...
Builders... I've spent the last year watching and listening to a local building co. attempt to construct about 7 townhouses, right along our back fence. Actually, right outside my bedroom window. Thank gawd they've finished now, but for a few months now the sounds of hammers and trucks beeping as they reversed - at like 6am!!! - was quite a pain in the butt. Listening to them consistently botch things up was a running laugh during the entire process, hanging over the back fence having a sticky-beak. Watching some of the 'creative' construction techniques was an eye-opener. Needless to say, my flatmate and I have our own challenge - whenever we see someone walking up to look at one of them to rent it, we're to yell out, "Don't do it! It'll fall down in 6 months! Don't do it!" lol The place I'm living in was built by the same co. about 3 years ago, and is roughly the same design etc. Well, the amount of cracks on the walls, bad-fitting doors and bizarre plumbing in just that amount of short time leave me wondering how sturdy the places out the back really are! Oh yeah - if I jump up and down on the concrete slab on the back porch (which you do, of course! lol), the whole bleedin' lot moves! Gees! It's not as though this place is gonna fall down, I mean, it's only three years' old. But the closer we look at little things in the footings and in corners... sheesh! Talk about Bodgey builders! hahaha.
Bloomin... It's amazing - some flowers I planted back towards the end of March are not only flourishing, but blossoming to boot! Now, you're talking to a notorious plastic-plant killer here! They're in three rectangular planters, and I have to keep moving them around the back patch of yard - to catch the short rays of the winter sun!
Mal :o)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the teachers' meeting will go just fine - just hope you don't freeze your bits off getting there and back in the night air! bbbrrrrrrr... lol


June 30, 2004 6:43 am  

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