Saturday, July 03, 2004

(*) Saturday

Thoon... I have some very very sad news to share. My beloved goldfish, "Thoon (III)" - has passed away! He'd experienced a nasstie fishie disease, and did not respond at all to the medical treatment. Sadly to say, his final swim was the big flush! Well, he lasted longer than the first two - #1 lasted a week, and #2 jumped out of the bowl on the first night! #3 loved his new tank - with a lid - for the last 8 months!

However - "Thoon (IV)" will grace the tank tomorrow! lol Fingers' crossed for this one... perhaps I should use water in the tank instead of ouzo...?

Gees... at least my flowers are still alive! lol

Cricket... So much for sitting back and enjoying 5 days of good cricket - it's all over in 2 1/2 days! Sheesh! At least the Aussies won.

Mal :o)

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