Friday, July 09, 2004

(*) Took my boys bowling

I took my three wonderful, handsome boys ten-pin bowling this arvo. Wow - did we ever have a blast of fun! They had the disco lights and UV lights and music pumping out - it was very cool! We were too busy dancing to bowl sometimes! We played two games together, and even Alex, the youngest, won the first game! It's amazing what those ramps and gutter-stoppers can do for your confidence! They all looked so great and grown up. It's been about 2 weeks' since I've seen them - that's just the way things have worked out just lately. Josh is growing up fast too - he's 11 in August - and he's got his first pimply-spots already! Or perhaps it's just been a bit too much junk over the school holidays - what do ya reckon? hahahaa. I caught him out of the corner of my eye chatting with a girl while he was there trying to select a ball - no wonder he took so long, the little flirt! Aint it cute?! And sheesh - it got mighty warm in there! It was a bit cool outside today - not too bad. But you still rug-up for it, and we all had to slip off jumpers as we all got a sweat up... maybe it was all that running around, dancing and bowling...? hahahaa.

It's just so good to hang out with the boys. Alex hugged and cuddled me for ages. Of course they love and adore their 'new' dad too (which is fine, by the way), but they still see themselves having two dads, which is pretty cool for them. Oh yeah.

When my brother visited with them the other day, they made sure he stayed for dinner, and crawled all over him delightfully. It's just so great to see they adore their 'Uncle David' - and he laps it all up, of course, as any proud Uncle would. Good on him. I love my brother, and it's just brilliant that the boys can still have an ongoing relationship with my family too (and their 'Nanna Rae' - my mum). Whoo hoo. It's making the best out of an unfortunate situation, with divorce and all. Things are going good for the boys and their interfamily relationships, which is such a huge relief off my shoulders.

Mal :o)

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