Sunday, July 11, 2004

(*) Sunday's Interplay

It's raining!... It's great - it's been raining constantly for about the last 12 hours! Hey, we haven't had rain like that in about 2 months here. Plus we're in the grip of our third year of a severe drought here as well. So, any constant rain - that does more than just soak straight into the parched ground - is really welcome. I'm lucky where I live, about 200km from the coast. A few years' ago they raised the level of the dam wall of the local water supply, and it's still got lots of water in it. Unlike some of the other areas not far from here, which'll have to start bringing water in for their town! It's pretty bad here in Australia. I heard the other day that the drought started a few years ago in Western Australia, and over the last 2 or 3 years it's crept across over the continent to the Eastern states, where I am. So, it's everywhere (well, except for a few places on the coast, of course). The majority of our population live within c.1 hour of the coast, so a lot of them don't really give a toss about the rest of us living out here, west of what they call "The Sandstone Curtain"! lol

George Johnston... I've been able to locate three very rare out-of-print books online in Australia of my favourite Australian author, George Johnston. I've never used eBay or anything like that before, but this is dealing with the booksellers direct, thru their shops. I found them thru this site here. It's great - I love his stuff, but it's not as tho I'm an avid "1st-Edition collector", or anything like that! (Actually, I managed to get a first-edition copy of his 1964's "My Brother Jack" for just $8 a few months ago! Whoo hoo!) I just wanted a copy of three of his books I haven't got! I've read them before (borrowed them from various local libraries over the years), but it'd be great to actually own them and read them at will from now on! Plus - it won't cost me an arm and a leg either - all up for all three, including postage, will be approx. $36 / 21 EUR / $26 USD! I'm happy.

Thoon... Did you know that Thoon, my beloved goldfish, has his very own webpage now? Check it out here! Thoon is enjoying his dancing swimmy life in his new home. All is well with him - he's eating like me (uh oh!), and enjoys exploring every fractional-inch of his little world.

Online for almost 5 years... I couldn't believe it when I realised the other day that I've had a 'presence' in cyberspace for almost 5 years now! I uploaded my very first attempt at a website in August 1999! I kept fiddling with that site for ages, after much trial and error. My current site is a wholly new one from that one, but the history is definitely linked between the two. It's not as tho I know anything especially about designing webpages, it's all just trial-and-error learning using different html programs, and fiddling with codes and stuff! Sheesh!

Plus - I've had online friends for over 2 1/2 years now! I keep in regular touch with friends via chat and email all over the world, including Hawaii, USA, England, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, as well as all over Australia! Wow - a lot of water has flowed under the bridge during that time of sharing together, let me tell you!

Stink pretty... I must be reverting into my old hippy phase again, or something (gawd... somebody stop me!) I'm giving the ol' incense and oil-burner a good workout lately. Smells nice anyway...

Mal :o)

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