Wednesday, November 10, 2004

(*) Some latest pics and views

I'm feeling a lot better tonight, thank you! But strangely tired - I didn't fall asleep until after 7am this morning, and awake before 11... I can't understand why I'm feeling so tired tonight...! Here's a few thumbnails of some of my recent pics. Click on a pic to see the full-sized image open in a new window (if you want to!) NB. I've scaled the sizes of these pics right down, from the originals I took.
Or, if you've always wondered where your endless surfing and searching on the 'net would finally lead you - this is it!

This was taken just a few days' ago on the top of the local "Mount". I hope your monitor can handle it...!

Here's Ix, who's turning 6 in a few weeks. A typical boy, with a big scrape right along his face!

Here's Seb acting silly in Maccas (naturally!) - he's turning 8 in a few days. JD took this pic - whoo hoo!

Seb and JD - a self-portrait!

My great little car atop "the Mount"! Don't you love that view? That's where I live.

One of the local landmarks, "The Carillion" in the centre of town.

Sunset, "The Carillion".

The "East Coast Targa" rally came thru here the other week... here's two of the entrants:

The Bugatti looked amazing - totally renovated - but I think I'd feel more comfortable with the souped-up Mini, somehow...
PS. If you'd like to see a whole lot more of my pics - stuff of myself, the boys, and other bits and pieces around and about myself - just ask me, and I can send you the link. Ta.



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