Tuesday, October 26, 2004

(*) This week's pics

Here's the back patio of the townhouse in which I live. Gotta love that BBQ... plus it's nice to have a place to hang the washing out undercover during the frosts of winter!

This is one of my guitars, which I sit and 'doodle' with while watch TV.

My little flowers aren't coping with spring, it seems!

And this is one of the books I've been reading recently - a lighthearted comedy by the great writer Tom Sharpe (along with "Blott" and the "Wilt" series too, amongst others!)

On this day:
Born: Guy Sebastian; Bob Hoskins (actor, 1942); Leon Trotsky 1879.
Died: Pablo Picasso 1975.
Events: Beatles awared MBE's, 1965.
Weather: amazing blue sunny skies, dead calm, about 25c.
My Soundtrack: Rolling Stones "40 Licks"


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