Thursday, October 14, 2004

(*) A varied week of inertia

I ended up borrowing a car on Monday (the buses/trains after the car races were a joke), so I could go and visit my mum on the Blue Mountains. I haven't seen her in a few weeks, although we keep in touch via the electric-type wireless telephonatronics. She looked terrible, basically. She's frail-as, weak, breathless, lethargic. I hate to say it, but I do not know if I will see my mum alive again. That may sound a bit blasé, but it's all a bit surreal at the moment. We had a great day just hanging out together - talking for hours about old films! All this 'level seven' stuff happening one after another in just a few years is wearing me out...

I can't believe it - my "Robert Lowell Collected Poems" finally arrived! A copy turned up from the UK about 2 weeks' ago, but it was damaged in transit! Argh! But a brand spanking shiny and new copy now sits beside me at this very moment, the authors' near-sighted face staring at me from the hard cover. At last at last! I spent an hour or so last night just perusing the 1,100+ pages cramed-full of all of his stuff! Whoo hoo! My favourite poet - all mine! Eargh!

I made a great find at the local library... the Led Zeppelin DVD. Amazing live never-before-seen concert footage released officially by the band! wow - awesome stuff! I was never into Zep at the time, and it hasn't been until the last few years that they finally 'clicked' for me. They were a really great tight little outfit, playing supersonicly charged blues a whole lot of the time. Great footage and a great sound on this DVD too.

Recently I've managed to catch-up again with the guitarist from the band I used to play in in the 1820's... he sent me a copy of his new CD he wrote, played and recorded all on his own at his place down on the South Coast of NSW. "Flop" by Alexander. Good stuff. Very 'Alex' stuff - what can I say?! I like it!

Along the way I also discovered and ordered a cheap copy of a very old (1945) George Johnston book I haven't got as of yet, "Skyscrapers in the Mist" - not one of his best, but at least i'll have a copy of this rare book of my own - all for just $8.00!

I'm having morning tea with a guy I used to hang out with a bit before I was separated. I haven't heard from him in over a year, so it'll be good to catch up with him again, and just casually hang out. This warmer weather saw me out pottering in the garden again... just pottering, nothing too serious, mind you... Thoon sends his aquatic greetings... and finally, to top off a varied weeks' highlights - my sinus' have gone out on strike, for no apparent reason. If only I could get a good nights' sleep without choking to death beforehand...

Check out the other post "Vroom Vroom" about my race weekend too.

On This Day...
Born: Cliff Richard (ever youthful, 1940); Roger Moore (007, 1926); ee cummings (poet, 1884).
Died: Errol Flynn (actor, 1959); Bing Crosby (singer, 1977); Leonard Bernstein (composer, 1990); King Harold of England, 1066.
Events: Charlie Watts marries Shirley, 1964.
Useless Trivia: A 3.07m tall electric guitar weighing 137kg was built in San Francisco, 1980.
My Soundtrack:
"Flop", Alexander; "Wings Over Dagenham" & "The Flea", The Goons.

Mal (ie. Mallard the Quackers) :o)
"If we see light at the end of the tunnel, it's the light of the oncoming train." (Robert Lowell)
"Nuts" (US General, Battle of the Bulge 1944, in reply to German surrender demand)
"The Lord survives the rainbow of His will." (Robert Lowell)


Blogger Ruby said...

Heya Mal
This is my second attempt to leave a comment, for some rason blogger keeps booting me.
I am so sorry to hear about your mum. Big Hugs To YOU!!!
Thank you for leaving such wonderful comments on my blog, I really do appreciate it.
My hubby would love the Led Zepplin DVD too, he loves anything like that. I am going to hit the library tommorow and see what I can find also. You tend to forget the library has so much to offer these days.
I am happy that you have caught up with an old friend. I hope you have a wonderful time and rekidnle the friendship.. Time has a way of helping us lose contact with people who were once close.
Take care my friend and keep smiling

October 15, 2004 6:58 pm  
Blogger Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Really sorry to hear about your mum, that's a horrible time you're going through with everything else that's happened. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

October 16, 2004 1:11 am  
Blogger Mallard said...

Thanx Ruby and Zinnia - I have no idea what goes on with Blogger sometimes... must be the phase of the moon or something...
I appreciate your thoughts. Life has been ruff over the past few years, but one day at a time :)
Thankies, Mal :o)

October 17, 2004 2:27 pm  

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