Friday, September 10, 2004

(*) Thoon... and a car...?!?

Thoon... Thoon IV, my goldfishieee, has been with me now for 9 1/2 weeks. I've been keeping a goldfish as a simple pet since last November, so it's been about 10 months altogether. The first one died after a week, the second one topped itself on the first night by jumping out of the bowl (D'oh!). But by then I'd learnt by my mistakes, and Thoon III lasted for 6 months - he got the royal flush after not responding to fin rot treatment, poor little bloke. This guy is going great guns, no problems at all. It's amazing how different have different personalities - they do, you know?! Thoon III was a very sedate fish, happy to just hang out and do his laps in his tank. Thoon IV (this one) is a very active little blighter, who almost jumps up to get me when I open the lid to feed him, who likes to get my attention by blowing bubbles on the surface, and who dances to my music (as they all did!). I can't believe it's only been 9 1/2 weeks since this fishy came home - it seems a whole lot longer! I had to check my diary to make sure - it just didn't seem right to me. But, he seems to be such a happy little camper. The time just flies. His setup sits atop my bedroom table (I've got a nice sized room in this place - a good space, enough for an old dining-room table, anyway! lol), in a 7-litre tank complete with a filter and air pump - that keeps his tank nice and clean. I replace about 60% of the water about once a week, using a gravel cleaner, and totally change the water, pebbles and filter stuff about once every three or four weeks. I know it's been cooler over the last months (compared to when the others fishys were here), so maybe that's helped the water condition a bit better? We'll keep an eye on things as the weather starts to warm up again. And - it will - we had some high-30's last summer!

NRMA... those of you out of NSW, the NRMA is the "National Roads and Motorists' Assoc", like the RACV, RACQ, AAAC etc. Even tho I haven't had a car for over 2 years' now, I've still kept up my membership to this organization - for when the day comes when I do get another car! Luckily it only costs me $20/year at the moment (being sans-car). The funny story behind when I first joined this thing: somehow-or-other they transferred my grandma's name (also M K... ) and membership over to my membership when I first started driving at the age of 18. But, it says that I've been a member for 29 years... let's do the maths?! That means that I started driving when I was eleven, according to their records! PMSL The upside to that is I've got a 'Gold Card' membership, which entitles me to heaps of extra benefits - aint it funny?! My very first car was my nans' old car, which she gave to me (yes! I still can't believe that, even now!! She gave it to me!) when I first started driving. Altho, it wasn't exactly a road-warrior-beast... go the orange Datsun 120-Y!!! Hey, it was a good, reliable little car that I went everywhere in over the years' I had it! So, even after all these years, my nan is still keeping an eye out for me, even tho she passed away a few years' ago now. Aint that precious? :o)

Luckily, my housemate allows me to drive her ute when she's not using it. She walks to work from here (it's only about 3 or 4 blocks into the centre of town from here, anyway!), but I don't use it very often. The downside of it is - because it's a ute, i can't go and pick-up the boys with it - the three of them physically won't fit in it! Bummer! Altho, of course - boys being boys, they offer to ride in the back tray... It's good to have a drive every now and again - it's like riding a bike - you don't forget. But the first time I jumped into the car (after a few months of not having driven), I felt like a learner driver all over again, concentrating on speed, cornering, roundabouts, mirrors, etc etc! It was really quite funny! It's good that I've still got my full driver's license as well - just in case of an emergency.

My housemate and I have this running joke... in the town when I live, there's a major car racing venue here. The battle is always between Holden Vs Ford (have I given the game away as to where I come from, do you think...? pmsl!) She's driving a Ford ute at the moment, and I always playfully tease her about 'bloody Fords'!. She just comes straight back by saying, "And that from a bloke who's last car was a Mitsubishi... wagon!" pmsl!

Mal :o)
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