Monday, September 20, 2004

(*) a nice call

I received a nice phone call from an old friend who lives in the Hunter Valley in NSW (west of Newcastle). We used to, ummm, date a bit back in the late 80's. But we've stayed good friends all these years all the same. She's happily married with three kids now. She read my previous post* and rang out of caring concern - wasn't that nice?! She rang at 8.30 on Saturday morning - amazingly I'd been awake for about 10 minutes already! lol. It was nice to hear a friendly voice on the phone. My emotions were still a bit mixed yesterday morning, so it was nice to have a friend call like that to see how I was doing.

They've been living in that nice part of NSW for a few years' now, and she told me they'll soon be moving into a brand new house! Wow! They're living in one of those old classic country homes - one with a veranda all the way around the outside, but unfortunately the owners have decided to sell up on them.

I've had two other very good friends move house in the last 2 weeks, one in south-western Sydney and the other in western Brisbane! At last report all seemed to have gone well for both families - clear weather, no rain - and they got the fridge on and the beet chilling pretty damn quickly, I'd say! lol.

I've been using this blog a whole damn lot lately, and that's OK with me. I've had one old friend say 'yuck' to the whole concept, but that's OK. (I think that person's response - someone I kinda look upto in a funny kinda way - caused me to respond with this** post) I'm comfortable with my blogging, so that's the main thing. I'm only sharing what's going on with me - and stoopid, bizarre and funny articles I find along the way - it's not as though I'm trying to write a novel or an autobiography or something! It's just a tool to let a bit of air out with. Unlike most people, I don't have very many close friends who are physically close by me (anymore), so I've found this to be a good way to 'talk' and even think as I talk sometimes. I still write emails to individuals, but sometimes it's just good to sit and write and keep the ol' brainbox ticking over, you know? I used to 'write' a lot a few years' ago. But, I know I've lost a lot of that in the past, say, 2 years. So, in one way, this is just another way of using a public forum to assist me get my writing 'back' again, in whatever shape or form that might later appear. Blah blah blah! I'd never even heard of 'blogging' before June (I think), but I've been writing long emails and sending them to many many people for about five years before now. So, doing this isn't like it's a brand new thing. I used to try and write a 'diary/journal' page with my homepage, but it was such a hassle to write and then edit and upload all the html code and stuff. This is just soooo much easier! Just write this (in particular) as an email while I'm offline, and just send it when I'm next online - too easy!

Well, I think I need to stop trying to justify myself anymore. That's crap, isn't it? I do this for me, and that's the only reason I need. Hoo-ray! pmsl! "Thus endeth the lesson."

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**( )

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