Friday, September 17, 2004

(*) Battery arrives

The battery I ordered for my mobile arrived this morning. That was soooo easy! There's a part of me that expected to be ripped off or something - I'm always wary of getting stuff online. But, even though I checked it all out before I ordered it, I still feel a bit... I dunno, wary? Call it paranoia and be done with it! Anyway, the battery was the right one, and is sitting here charging as we speak. That'll help, considering the old battery would run itself flat after just 2 1/2 - 3 days, and that was when it wasn't even in use! So, I might be able to use my mobile properly again, rather than it being stuck on my desk almost perpetually plugged into the charger! lol. All the same, I only use the thing as a glorified answering machine, or send sms text messages to a few friends and the boys - that's about it. It's what I need, so I'm happy about it. It's an older model (about 5 years' old now), so it doesn't have all the bells-and-whistles of the latest models - you know, it doesn't percolate it's own coffee for you or anything like that. But it does everything that I need a mobile to do, and that's just fine by me. Thoon!

(See the previous posts about my battery here and here.)

I'm feeling a bit better after making my big decision yesterday. It's still a hard road to travel ahead, but it's a bit of a clearer road than the one I had been travelling on recently. It didn't mean I managed to get much sleep last night tho...

I'm giving the "Hendrix Live at Monterey Festival 1967" CD another blast as I speak.
"Great performance... caught at the festival at which... (he) made (his) national breakthrough... Hendrix gives what may have been his greatest show ever: the versions of 'Wild Thing' and 'Like a Rolling Stone' are everything they should, and could, have been. A lot more than just a memory here."
(New Rolling Stone Record Guide, p.599)

Mal :o)
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