Friday, September 03, 2004

(*) New phone battery

I think I was saying that my mobile needs a new battery. That's cool. I managed to find the right one for a great price. At first I was anticipating like $50+, but it's only gonna cost me $35, and they'll deliver it right to my door. I'm awaiting the paperwork to arrive, then I can check it and order it for real. That'll be good... at the mo, my mobile has a battery-life of about 3 days! Not good, hey?! But, ti's fine for what i need it for at the moment, as it can sit on my desk close to the adapter whenever it gets low every few days! D'oh! But, having a new battery will be good... it's a bit hard whenever I have to go out or downtown... I have to plan ahead to make sure the things' charged fully so I can use it if I ever need to when I'm out! D'oh! Well, hopefully, that'll be one less thing to worry about.

Mal :o)
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