Sunday, August 01, 2004

(*) Sunnies' Day

What a nice sunny weekend! Actually, it's been freezing overnights (like most in the minusesesess...), but, apart from this arvo (and yesterday mornings' huge fog, come to think of it), the days have been gloriously sunny!

Sebbie... I was talking to Michelle this morning, and she told me a funny story from last night. They made and lit a really huge bonfire on the property last night, with lots of the boys' friends and cousins and stuff there too. Well, once the flames took hold and started leaping up into the sky, the mountain of fire was shooting up sparks really high up into the black night sky. Must've looked amazing. Then one of the kids said it looked like a volcano, with all the sparks rushing out. Well, Sebbie (who's 7) literally freaked out, and he bolted! He ran the 500+ meters all the way home, with poor Michelle running after him! The poor kid must have freaked out somehow - he must've thought it really was a volcano and bolted for the safety of home! He was fine by the time a puffed Michelle caught up with him, and he slept with his Nan last night (for fun), and he was fine today. But that's very Sebbie - you never know exactly what he's thinking sometimes! He's unique - beautiful!

Josh... My eldest turns 11 on Friday - eleven?! I can hardly believe it! I'll catch up with him after school briefly on Friday, and then he's off to Cubs that night. He's gonna have a few of his friends over the next day, which he'll absolutely love. Whoo hoo! talking to my mum on the phone tonight, we were comparing notes at how fast he's growing up, and laffing at how small he was at what seemed like just a short while ago! Now he's gonna be a 6-footer-plus in just a few years, I reckon.

Manly... We won! Manly beat Canberra today, in a great display of Rugby League! Now we'll be off the bottom of the ladder! Whoo hoo! (lol).

Mal :o)
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