Thursday, July 15, 2004


Catching up... I caught
up with a local family this evening. I stayed with them when I was
first separated, and house-sat their place over one Xmas holidays too.
I haven't seen many of my old church associates since moving back here,
but I thought it was about time to catch up with these people at least.
They're a few of the good ones. They invited me over for dinner, after
we'd been swapping a few email messages lately. It was a really good,
relaxed, low-key friendly fun evening of just hanging out together,
talking refreshingly. I felt really comfortable - it was a big positive
for me. Obviously, I haven't been doing enough of this kinda thing
lately, so it was good for me to 'break the ice' for myself to start
catching up with these people again, after such a long time.

Walk... I walked to
this familys' place tonight - about 5 km's. I was able to enjoy
watching an amazing Bathurst sunset, and behold the sky change through
a series of magnificent colours. Who said there's no use for the colour
orange in nature?! No way - an amazing spectacle. I guess it's like
'stopping to smell the flowers along the way' - you gotta stop what
you're doing, go out and enjoy a sunset now and again. When was the
last one you sat and participated in?

Books... Well, I've
sent off the money orders for my four old out-of-print books. They
should be here before the end of next week - I can't wait (can you
tell...? lol). All-up, they cost me $15 each (Euro 8.76 / $10.84 US) - which isn't bad,
considering the oldest one was published in the early 1950's! Hey, it's
not as tho I do this sorta thing all the time, buying something I found
thru searching the net! Like - never! hahahaa.

Robert Lowell... I
discovered today that Faber and Faber have finally published (last
year) Robert Lowells' "Collected Poems" - at last! The whole lot in one
big volume, like 1,000+ pages! I had no idea they'd finally done it. I
used to have most of his stuff, as in books of poetry, but one day as a
christian about 6-ish years' ago I felt as though I had to get rid of
them - so, stoopid me - I burnt the lot! ARGH! What was I thinking?!
GGrrrrr....! So, nowadays I only have a 2nd-edition of his "Life
Studies" and a copy of his "Selected Poems". Good selection of some of
his finer work, but not a whole lot of it all the same. The one
drawback for the newly published "Collected Poems" is... the price...
it ranges from $75 to $90 AU! Argh! Oh well, I'll start saving - or
maybe sell the Moofie Monster?! Nah, who'd wanna buy that thing?

Thoon says to say
hello... well, he didn't really... wow, a talking fishie! No, all he
did was splash about and blow a bubble in my general direction... but,
I'll take that as a formalized greeting aquatic-style...


Mal smile


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