Saturday, July 17, 2004

Chilly Saturday

I checked the thermometer inside just a little while ago - and it was
only 11c / 51f inside! No wonder I was feeling a bit chilly. Then I
hear on the radio that it's snowing about 40km away from here, on the
higher ground! Just as well it isn't really windy, otherwise it'd be really cold. I wasn't aware how
chilly it actually was... I'd rugged up pretty well this morning, with
lotsa layers on... it was only when I was having something to eat, and
I noticed the steam coming with my breath... pmsl! But I love living
around here - such a beautiful place to be part of.


what were they thinking, naming a golf course 'Troon'?!? Everytime I
hear them mention it on the radio news, I can't help but smile. I
thought it was bad enuff having a goldfish called 'Thoon'! pmsl!

Bill takes a walk

Black Sorrows...
I pulled out a CD I don't listen to very often, and it's on even as I
type... "Harley & Rose" by an Aussie group 'The Black Sorrows'. OK
OK, I know it's not exactly the latest thing (CBS:1990), but it's still
a goodie. Got kinda a folkie thing going for it, so it's nice to have
on in the background.

I've given that Midnight Oil
CD I got the other day a good working over as well... some good
memories on that thing for me. Thankfully, I can shut my bedroom door
and flail about the room trying to dance like Peter Garratt! The Spastic Dance! lol

itchy and scratchy




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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! It actually snowed in parts of town... but I must have missed it! My flatmate was watching a soccer game as it was snowing lightly - sheesh! They had to close the highway over the mountains for a few hours in the pm - I wouldn't have been able to get up and throw some snowballs with the boys if I wanted to anyway! It doesn't lay long here... it's mainly melted by Sunday morning, even tho it was still blinkin' cold. So much for Australia the 'sunburnt country...' hahahaa

Mal :o)

July 20, 2004 11:30 pm  

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