Friday, September 03, 2004

(*) Vegetables

Vegetables for lunch? Are you kidding me? Yes - leftover vegetables warmed up via the nuke-o-matic. To make matters worse - they included brussel sprouts! And, perhaps, what is more worse - I actually seriously enjoyed the experience! "Somebody stop me!" Yes, I am one of the 0.142% of the current worlds' population who actually enjoy eating and the taste of brussel sprouts. Having said that, I'm quite sure that I have lost the respect of many of my readers. However, I cannot stand by and belittle my savoury appreciation of the humble sprout (or 'little cabbages', as Sebbie used to call 'em), without being honest and truthful in stating this fact. Heaven help me!
"Here I stand!"

PS. I await the ongoing results inside the bedclothes later this evening...

Mal  :o)
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