Thursday, September 02, 2004

(*) My poor neighbours

You may have heard already the ongoing saga of the new townhouses built behind where I live. Let's just say they were built with a minimum of fuss! Anyway, this morning I noticed a large furniture removalist truck firmly wedged between the fence and the house at the start of their long driveway. Stoopid council and planners - the rest of the long driveway is fine, but there is a really narrow gap between the fence and an old house at the front of the block - and there is no way this removalist truck could get thru past that narrow gap up to the back of the block! It's bad craziness! So, these poor buggers had to manually cart (using trolleys, at least) all the furniture and boxes and stuff by hand about 200 feet up the back of the block! D'oh! Yet another stoopid planning decision made - why on earth did Council let that get thru? If anyone ever needs to get an ambulance or a fire engine up there, they've got buckley's chance! D'oh! Anyway, at least i got to meet 2 of my new neighbours, being a typical nosey parker and sticking my head over my back fence at lunchtime! At least we could all have a laff about it. The narrow entrance to the driveway isn't something anyone really thought about before, obviously! D'oh!

Mal  :o)
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