Thursday, September 02, 2004

Walter the Farting Dog

'Walter the Farting Dog' to make film debut

The cult children's book 'Walter the Farting Dog' could soon hit the big screen after it was optioned by New Line Cinema. The story, which has also been a hit with adults, tells of a flatulent canine who saves his adopted family from burglars with his powerful ability.

A sequel published this year, 'Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale', again topped the NYT's list, and a third book is in the planning stages.

In the first book, two children adopt Walter from the pound, but he faces being returned after their father has enough of the stench. Walter wins a reprieve when he overpowers two burglars with his special talent when they try to rob the house. In 'Yard sale', a clown tries to use Walter's gift to commit evil doings.

The books are written by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray and illustrated by Audrey Colman. No release date for the film has been given.

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